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Quote: Originally Posted by mat135ta Why do SFers hate pleated pants so much? Sorry for the ignorance. Flat front pants don't fit me right. I will add before I hurt my knee playing tennis and gained weight, I did have a couple pairs of flat front. So I'll stick with the pleats.
Last drop...then off to E-Bay
Quote: Originally Posted by CasmirRadon I learned to be picky with Robert Talbott ties immediately, seems like every thrift store in my area has at least 10, I think I've only bought like 3 of them. Wish I knew by looking how likely a stain was to come out of clothing. For example a couple days back I saw an interesting Aquascutum jacket. Had some discolorations on the back, and cost $15. But I don't want to waste the money on buying it, plus dry...
I'm learning to be more selective as well. I've had several "finds" that I ended up donating back. Does anyone really need an ugly 4" Robert Talbott ties just because it's Robert Talbott? A couple weeks ago I saw a Pal Zileri. Got really excited because it's the first one I've ever come across. After I looked at it, it had a slight dry cleaner sheen so I left it.
Valentino Suits & Oliver Peoples glasses. IMO Dorian and Patrick Bateman are very similar. Another question is what would Bateman wear in pre-2008 meltdown Wall Street?
Quote: Originally Posted by Temujin My first Hickey Freeman!!! It's UUGLYYY! But still for .99... Also I saw an orphaned jacket, the label said "H. Freeman & Sons". Is this also Hickey Freeman? It was navy with a light blue pinstripe about 3/4 inches apart. H Freeman is a different company (based out of Philadelphia). They still produce MTM suits for many of the finer mens shops that retail (ballpark) from about $700-$1200. The quality...
I have a pair of Lacoste Repel Tennis shoes in a size 10 I am looking to sell. Original retail is $115.00. They are in very good condition (9/10) and I still have the oringinal box. I have wore them to play in 3 times and they just don't work right for my foot type. I have included a product description link. http://www.tennis-warehouse.com/Laco...STE-LMRWN.html $60.00 shipped [IMG]http://i56.photobucket.com/albums/g169/johnkidd31/DSC01364.jpg[/IMG
Moved to B&S
Big Price Drop...need to raise some cash.
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