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Open to trades for anything here...otherwise I'll move them to E-bay on Sunday. http://www.styleforum.net/showpost.p...19&postcount=1
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy yeah man, the forums are slow but i have been having great luck with ebay these days I think the biggest problem with the forums is there are too many people that want a NWT Brioni sport coat for $75. It's really killed the market for anything decent that you may want to move ....even at reasonable prices.
Price Reductions
Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 I think you gave enough info for a decently informed person to know whose coat that was. I would think that's a great find, if not for the nature of his death. I'm not judging, but I'm not sure I would wear it. It doesn't appear to be Bruce Wasserstein. There was the guy from Bear Stearns who jumped to his death when he found out Chase wasn't going to hire him.
Price Reductions
Quote: Originally Posted by BRIMSTONE A friend of mine has sent me a picture of my old flame from a couple years back. She is not exactly what I had thought she would look like. I guess smoking and a stressful lifestyle ages a person more and smoking does no favors. 20yrs, I wonder how much her personality has changed. The same friend that sent me the picture stated that she is a bit bitter and opionated. I guess if she does contact me again I'll talk...
Added Burberry Suit & Price Reductions
This came indirectly from Tweedydon's collection. It's a bit snug on me (I wear a 46) so I would think it would work for someone needing a 42/44 (see measurements). It is made in England and is in very good condition. Has the zip in wool liner/collar. There is one small hole on the snap collar shown in the picture. More then likely easily fixed -Shoulders 20" -Armpits 22.5" -Sleeves 26" -BOC 46" SOLD.
Canali Propesta Double Breasted Suit. Brownish in color. Tagged 52R (42) $125.00>>>115.00>>>100.00>>>80.00 Shipped Jacket: -Shoulders 18.5" -Armpits 22" -BOC 31" -Sleeves 25" Pants : Pleats Yes/Double Waist 34" Inseam 28.5" (Extra 1"/2.5" w/o cuffs) H Freeman & Son Suit, 3 Button Untagged but measures like the Canali (see measurements) SOLD Jacket: -Shoulders 18" -Armpits 22" -BOC 31" -Sleeves 25+" Pants...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoofit I'm really trying to decide whether I should jump for re-crafting with these while the deal is still running this weekend. I already could use another pair of shoe trees and some polish... but then again, maybe that is just plain spending too much money on a used pair of shoes (it's not like re-crafting touches the insole). That pair still looks like they have a ton of wear left on the soles. Just put some...
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