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I looked ...come on Spoo baby I need one of those ties...you know I'm good for the money and I'll pay you later...I just need one of those ties!!!!!!!!Actually there were a couple I liked that if they don't get crazy like a few of them have I might bid on. I now judge all ties by my Tom Ford.
Spoo comes through Sadly I am becoming addicted to Tom Ford stuff. I bought one tie and wanted more. Now a shirt off B&S. Please folks....buy my stuff of in B&S threads. Brooks Brothers don't cut it....I need more Tom Ford!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isaia and Tom Ford stuff sell like crack to an addict.
If anyone is looking for a pair of cufflinks or ties I'd be willing to work out a trade on these: http://www.styleforum.net/t/263034/cufflinks-brooks-brothers-emporio-armani http://www.styleforum.net/t/265823/cheap-tie-mega-sale-brooks-brothers-j-press-aquascutum-j-crew-gitman-bros-robert-talbott-vineyard-vines-armani
The jacket is nice... but it looks to be an orphan. For the price I still would have bought it. That said the shoes are an even better find.
Stafford is a good brand...man I pass on that all the time I will say this for Stafford, some of their ties I've seen are made in Italy. Their styling is good and the stuff seems to hold up.
I'd rather pay $2.00 and find out the Hermes was fake than pass and find out I left the real deal behind. Last nights finds: Robert Tabott Studio-neat pattern Ted Baker striped tie (very conservative for a TB) Sz L Hickey Freeman casual button down (great fall colors).
Saw a vintage North Face down parka (I assume vintage since it's made in the US) in a size small. It was royal blue and looked to be in really good shape (some slight wear on the pocket flaps). It was at a consignment store and could be had for about $25.0030-00. Is this worth anything? I know some of you guys collect older outdoor gear so if there is any interest I'd be glad to proxy it.
Scored two nice ties today, my first ever Charvet (and now that I'm home it looks better and newer than I thought), and a nice, thick Tuttle Distinctive Sportswear tie (made in France). I passed a a couple Bullock & Jones ties.
Price Drops & Consolidated ties from closed thread.
New Posts  All Forums: