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Quote: Originally Posted by neeZy What are the measurements shoulder to shoulder? Rough measurements: BB - 19" JV - 19" Sam - 20"+
Price drops
Price Drops
Updated for new items (pictures/measurements)
Sold a pair of Polo RL shoes to Wishwind. He was excellent to deal with and paid promptly once we agreed on a price with the additional shipping cost to South Korea.
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Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC ^I've never heard of made in China Norman Hilton. Are you sure? If it is I wouldn't bother. It's not 'real' Norman Hilton. Positive. I was excited when I saw Norman Hilton, the quality looks really good, but it says made in China.
I've seen some Norman Hilton stuff, condition is very good to excellent, but it's made in China. Is it worth picking up?
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Does AE do new insoles? No they do not.
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