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Quote: Originally Posted by Owen Meany experienced buyers...and...sophisticated customers (in anything audio) do not buy Bose.....And that is a fact! +1...you can find better quality equipment cheaper. Bose has done a real good job of making simplistic equipment that the average joe will overpay for.
Quote: Originally Posted by pdxpm I've seen the Polo University Club line a few times when thrifting. Where does it rank in the PRL lines? Is it a licensed product? I kind of assumed it was similar to the Lauren line. Someone will correct me, but I believe it was made by HartMarx in the late 80's to mid 90's. My interview suit for college and sorority formals was a PUC...lasted forever until I put on weight.
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 You probably won't be able to sell them on the B&S. They'll have to go straight to eBay. I'd certainly buy them. I have never had anyone outside of Styleforum ever say anything negative about me wearing a ventless jacket. My friend who works at Saks says that he's had more than a few customers request that the tailor sew the vents closed on their new suits. I remember GQ going on and on about how slimming unvented...
PM Sent on the J Press.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja That's the thing, I dont really know what is truly a high constructioned suit vs one that is not. I can run my hand over the jacket/fabric but that's not a good indicator. I typically look at lapels but thats the same. Yes, i need to do more research and I will. I've looked on google and on this forum regarding di stefano and nothing came up. Once again, I guess it also depends on what I'm going to do with the...
Quote: Originally Posted by soxpats Bought pair of pants from jkidd41011 shipping was fast and pants are terrific! Thanks. Ditto from my end with Soxpants. Great guy to do a deal with.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos The suit is 100% wool and is marked 46L (56L). The measurements are as follows: Jacket Collar to bottom - 34.5"; pit to pit - 24"; sleeve (from top of shoulder to bottom of sleeve) - 24.5" Pants Waist - 42"; Inseam - 31"; Leg opening at bottom - 19" PM sent on the suit...also what color is it? I can't tell if it's navy or grey?
Quote: Originally Posted by Xenos Actually, eight Brioni jackets, one suit and one tuxedo. I still can't believe it myself. The tuxedo is wool and mohair with peak lapels. Very nice. If these had been my size, I would have been in hog heaven. I actually left another Brioni suit and sport coat behind. What are the measurements on the suit and the darker brown windowpane jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger Having an internet capable phone is crucial for noobie thrifters. Saved me from a couple Tasso Elba shirts that I "thought" I remembered from Barneys. LOL...true true. That said, I have a couple Tasso Elba ties I picked up on deep discount at Macy's and they are pretty well made.
Goodwill is getting out of control on their pricing. One thing I've been looking for is lacrosse equipment, because my son is now playing. Well I found a STX glove, and after some searching found the mate. They were in really good shape. Not a high end pair but I figured if the price is right I'd pick them up. I start looking for the price and inside is marked $30.00. This is way out of whack. For comparison sake, I got a pair on Brine gloves that I use at Play it Again...
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