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Love the 80's yuppie wall street look. Wall Street and American Psycho are two of my favorites. Another made for TV movie was Billionaire Boys Club. I remember reading Judd Nelson like the Armani suits he wore in it so much that he bought his wardrobe or however they do it.http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/34724/billionaire-boys-club/
Allen Edmonds Sanford size 12D. The color is a Merlot (or a similar dark reddish/brown). They are an old stock model and are in excellent condition for their age (would rate they easily 8.5/10). They look to have been wore very little. The original price of $197.16 is written in pen near the heel on one of the shoes. The only flaw I can find to the leather uppers is a scratch on the left toe (See picture). SOLD
Except for my genuine fake Prada.
There were also several other shirts that I assumed came from the same guy size they were all size large (there was a Lorenzini along with the Marc Jacobs). Not sure also why you would fake a 90% Cotton/10% spandex shirt. I did a check on E-Bay and saw a few shirts on there with the similar "Prada Italia" tags so I assumed it was a diffsuion line.The GW has a good return policy so I'll take it back.
Pretty good w/e. I've found more the last two w/e's then I had the past for months. All are open to offers. HSM Gold Trumpeter suit that I will probably keep for myself 46R (from Parisian which went out of business about 5 years ago so I'm guessing it's 6 - 8 years old, but in very good condition. Prada Button Down Size Large Marc Jacobs Button Down Sz Large (cool MOP Buttons) Brooks Brothers Sport Coat Sz 41R Allen Edmonds Sanford Sz 12D These are in...
Kind of hard to tell w/o pictures of the front and buttons. There are also a few of us here who would be interested in a EU 58 which is a US 46.
These would be my two choices.
WGP...what's the name of that consignment store you go to?
On the Brooks Brothers website wool cashmere blend sells for $800. The 100% cashmere ones sell north of a $1K
Hell if you plan on keeping the stuff that's a great score. You could sell two of the ties and easily recoup you money.
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