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Man that place looks cool. But I can't believe you didn't go to Dorsia.
Marlins '97 gets me more. One out and one strike away. Then the Marlins dismantle the team.
Catside...I love my Canali suits.I've got two in the rotation now and retired one earlier this that I bought new a few years back when Saks had their insanity sale. Was the only solid navy suit I had for a long time and I finally wore the seat out in the pants. Highly underrated brand IMO.Sadly my extra one is a 56....need to list that thing
To the guys with JD's looking for jobs. Check banks/ financial insitutions for compliance jobs. My wife went that route and she makes more money that most of the people she went to law school with.
I have that exact same Sammie hanger...thick plastic I think you could club someone with. Wish I had more of them. The sad thing is I've come across very few thrifts that will part with hangers.
Hell Mia...your typing pretty good for being on meds
I actually thought that LL Bean looked recent. The mid 90's stuff still had the sewn on tag IIRC.
Great to hear!!!
I think the Made in China is not a deal breaker like some would think. The Jack Spade stuff I've come across seems like really good quality at a slight premium. If they were to have those shirts made in Italy or some place else my guess is their price point would go up past their target market.
I'd post it here....http://www.styleforum.net/t/287214/the-un-official-thrift-buy-sell-trade-want-thread/940_20#post_6573643ChetB.....amazing finds. I saw a bunch of stuff I'd wear if it was my size.
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