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Either here or AAAC Trad forum you should easily double your money, or they make great trade bait.
Digs....still got to say no on that one. Now Spoo's old model
I was thinking the modern incarnation Golden Fleece written in red. Golden Fleece and 346 have been around forever.
I picked up a Hilditch & Key button down a couple weeks ago. Fits me OK but it could stand to be taken in some. I forget if H&K is one of the better brands of UK shirts or is on par with TM Lewin, Tyrwhitt etc. Also on the BB Silver label...I always thought that was the premium line before the started the "Golden Fleece" lines.
And I thought the one I saw marked up to $60.00 was bad.
I am considering selling my Rolex Datejust #16234 Blue face w/ Jubilee Bracelet. It has the box, paperwork, and extra link. I purchased it new in October 1997 for $3,240 (retail at the time was $3,600). It is identical to this one: http://www.bachmann-scher.de/en/library/archive/rolex-oyster-perpetual-datejust-man-size-ref.-16234-stainless-steel-4356.html It was serviced last in fall 2009 at Richter & Phillips here in Cincinnati. They did the Clean/Oil/Adjust, they...
OK no one has commented on this...I've seen guys go ape shit over old A S and this one is still recent as far as these go. I say.....
I am selling my Rolex Datejust #16234 W Serial number with Blue stick dial and Jubilee Bracelet. It has the box and all paperwork. I purchased it new in October 1997 (retail at the time was $3,600). Retail on this model still out in circulation is $4,500.00 It was serviced last in the fall 2009 at Richter & Phillips here in Cincinnati. They did the Clean/Oil/Adjust, they repaired the automatic mechanism, new oscillating weight axle, and replaced the gaskets and resealed...
Arcadia "So Red the Rose" is highly underrated. Simon LeBon/Duran Duran side project. Sting helps out on one of the songs. Good stuff....I've got the cassette somewhere LOL.And Nati area guys....if you are interested in catching a good show....Built to Spill is going to be at Southgate House Revival in September. Yours truly is planning on being there.
Scott W.....I have that exact same Woolrich scratchy sweater. Bought it new at the Trail Shop in Chapel Hill in 1997. I think the thing is bullet proof. I got grease on it one time...had it dry cleaned and it was gone.
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