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Miscellaneous Items 16x35 BB must iron OCBD Excellent Condition. $20.00 Shipped LLBean...these I think are nwot...really nice dress chinos Measure 36/29.5 $18.00 shipped Brioni Tagged 36 Measures 17.5 across by 28 inseam...1 1/2" cuff $28.00
Sorry Ian...didn't know you we're down with "wrapped the 6 4 round a telephone poll . Looked at my car and said oh brotha, throw it in the gutter and go buy another."
Here is my .02 1. Thrifting to make purely money is a fad that will eventually die out. 2. The guys that are into here like Spoo, Dm7. Mainy, Capnwes are still looking for stuff for themselves. I don't begrudge any of them for what they do, I've dealt with them all and they are good dudes. 3. Thrift stores are going to price stuff up regardless of this thread. It blows my mind how the one GW near me marks anything of value. List time I was in there they had Lionel...
In the old NWA tunes they always mention '64 Impala's. Pretty sure they had to be convertible's
Dude....you should go for the 6 4 Impala My goal is to start listing my crap and start funneling the funds into the account that pays my sons tuition.
Sounds sweet...probably too rich for my short funds right now
Hucklecat...that is what is referred to as a V-Cleat or you'll hear the nickname Suicide Heal.
I picked up a Gianni tie on clearance at TJ Maxx a couple years ago. Great design/material and like GMMcL said very well made. I'd be curious to find out more as well.
"Pendleton x Abercrombie & Fitch tartan wool shacket thing what Im looking for?" Spoo...that sounds like something a vintage Pendleton whore might like.
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