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Sorry but those are fake....send them to me and I will properly dispose of them.
I figured being US made and a smaller size it was worth the $2.50 risk.
Found a nice pair of size 9.5D Florshiem Royal Imperial V-Cleats. Not sure I am going to keep these so if any of my 9.5 brethren are looking for a pair PM me. Anyone know anything about vintage Wrangler? This was made in the USA and very cool looking. Also a smaller size. Also found a white embroided short sleeve skeet blanket.
That turntable is shit....how about you send it to me and I'll turn it into a ammo dispenser? From what I can find, this was a mid level offer from Sony from the late 1970's and is supposed to be a solid turntable. The light off to the left is so you can adjust the speed and get it to exactly 33 1/3 rpm's. My old Realistic turntable did that.
She falls under insensitivity.And we never did see pictures of the Barbour ammo bags.
I did it when I started a few years ago. There will be arguments that occur where you can easily skip pages. These usually involve guns, some type of insensitivity, or is the s brag or eBay flipping thread.
I always thought they were a pretty solid band.
If you remember that pair I had on AAAC took awhile to move. You were a great cheerleader in telling people to buy them and they were a steal.
Either here or AAAC Trad forum you should easily double your money, or they make great trade bait.
Digs....still got to say no on that one. Now Spoo's old model
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