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Ralph Lauren has these:http://m.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=61551556&utm_medium=Google_PLA&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=21003321&gclid=CIOAwa3u1cYCFQ2OaQod0YgH6Q&ab=GeoMobile_iUS_rUS_dUSThe bow ties in the line look more like the members ties.
Any runners/bikers? Found this NWT Asics jacket in a large. Retail price is $90 and it's from the current lineup. http://edge.shop.com/ccimg.shop.com/240000/249500/249525/products/alt/41646434Skyline_Performance_Black.jpg Only other thing I found was a older Yakima trunk rack that should work for the Bimmer
I think you did well to pass on those suits. Early on I bought a bunch of Mani suits and had them altered. Got wear out of them but that money could have been better spent.
If those Nikes are early 80's they are the Wimbledon. They came in light blue or a perforated Swoosh. McEnroe wore them. They have released countless retro versions inspired by the Wimbledon.
He was behind Von Dutch before Ed Hardy. The dude made a fortune marketing to Douchebags and their chics.
That Barbour is gorgeous. I've got the nylon version and it puts that to shame.
Closet cleaning Interest check for size 9.5 guys. Pictures 1 & 2 are Florsheim Imperial pebble grain v-cleats. The black ones are particularly nice. 3 & 4 pair of really nice and well made Johnston & Murphy made is the U.S. Longwings. The Oxblood pair is made in the U.S. Bostonians. They run a bit small so they might work for a 9. Users are very nice, but will need a resole. All are D width. If interested shoot me a PM. Open to offers for sale or trade.
I wear my AE saddles with my suits for work, I do however feel this it is more casual.
If you tried dating anyone I have a feeling Mrs. Capnwes would open a can of whoop ass.
Forgot to ask, is Ugiz anything? I found a NWT pair of khakis 29 waist made by them. Appears to be a Korean brand?
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