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I've got one made by Mullholland Brothers.
Those are cuff links.
From a tour? That's post Music For the Masses.
I used to have some baller rugbys in college with that logo.
In the right part of Cincinnati that's a high dollar home. There is a big Eastside/Westside divide here. If you move west you can get a lot more home for the $$$
Nice dude....What part of town?
Dirt... Welcome aboard and very solid first post. Impressive finding Brioni. The stuff that isn't super flippable is for you....which I do all the time. What's fun about this is in a few years you'll see stuff you at one time would have bought and now don't give a 2nd glance too.
If you want to hit the Nati I'm sure Dan and I would be glad to do a meet up. We've got a great microbrewery scene here.
Been thrifting/consignment hunting here since 2003 and can echo what Dan says. First off we really don't have the stores that sell the super high end stuff. If you do find a Brioni and such it wasn't bought here. Also Cincinnati is a for lack of a better term cheap. Even the people who make big bucks will get their suits at Jos A Banks. The one nice men's clothing store downtown you can get Oxxford but only MTM.
I'm selling a pair of Red Wings in B&S that were a J Crew In Good Co. Exclusive.
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