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Since when did you become a Indie rocker Nataku?????
Dan....sorry to hear this. It sucks when something happens to a fur family member. Hope you made it back ok.Was actually thinking about you the other day when I saw the Hill-Rom news....is that going to impact you?
I've heard a lot of great things about Wichita.
Nataku.....that TT is bad@$$ for $10.00.
Damn I was close....even got the correct number of Kiton.
Klobber may not have coined the term. But his graphic depiction of what he'd do to those RG shirts paved the way....
Surely you jest?????
3 recent Kiton Suits.
Great find...someone was dead on when they said Klobber. He was an awesome dude.Now find ammo bag!!!!
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