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First if it's for personal use and like it you can't beat thrift finds. Just keep following the thread, learn the brands and what's good and not good and soon you'll be leaving these brands and replacing it with better quality stuff. You'll also look for stuff that's not your size because it's trade bait.Once upon a time this is what this thread was all about.
Nah...it was the Illuminati.
@Jomspro.....I am pretty certain that is '80's North Face.
@Jomspro.....I am pretty certain that is '80's North Face.
That figures lol. Sweet suit though.
What are the details on this?
Did not realize they did a 30th Annv this year. I had the royal Blue back in the day that you posted.
Didn't the recent retroes have the exaggerated AF1 soles?
Are those '85 1's or a retro? They haven't retroed those in quite sometime and when they have they do some ugly color scheme.
Hope you dont have high expectations.
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