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Looks like something you see in he commercials where the teenage girls "repurpose" clothing.
Those belts aren't worth anything. Send them down I-71 so I can dispose of them properly
I actually found a BB Tweed SC with buttons like that....but done in leather. IIRC it found a new home fairly quickly.
Dan...quit complaining. I never even get to go out anymore. Although based on the stuff you post...I think you run a wider circuit than I did.
Hate to tell you this that's not a Burberry's trench. I've seen those before and it's some company that copied the novacheck plaid.
Nat....you haven't PM'd me with any 46 finds in some time. Wearing the heck out of those Ascot Chang suits I got from you.
Wasn't Ken Lay of Enron also a Tom James brand whore?Horses Ass hooked me up with a Tom James suit and it's as nice as any I have.
I've got a few pair that I use for tennis...they are really nice. My so is also getting into basketball jerseys. I actually found him a Bulls Rodman in his size at a GW. My wife said if we got him a wedding vail it would make him a great Halloween costume.
My son is almost 9. As to what he'll wear...it depends on his mode. Right now it's all jock clothes and Nike Elite socks.
Man that place looks cool. But I can't believe you didn't go to Dorsia.
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