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I only saw one like that and it had a big ass hole in it. I think if the condition is right and you list it with something like Starter Style Jacket it's $50-100.
Not sure what the market in the UK is for vintage Nike/College gear. For that price over here I'd pick it up, but most places would have it marked double/triple that price.
How the heck did a Michigan State jacket end up in the UK???
Man back then I had a paper route and saved my money to buy my Nike and Polo and stuff. Guess my priorities were all wrong
Don't get out as much as I used to, but found these while out Friday after dropping my son off at basketball practice. Patagonia Sweatshirt size M and a Zegna SS polo size L. If anyone is interested shoot me a PM.
bboowwyy and Spoo killing it on this page.....nice job fellas.
Is this what happens when a Barbour jacket goes to Italy for a makeover? That is really cool Frenchy. Also love the OG Polo puffer skii jacket🤘🏻
I was a big fan of this logo and the round one. Used to love when Hudson's would mark it down.
I actually had a sweater very similar to that in college. Unless they did some type of reissue that looks damn good for about 25 years old.
Thanks I snagged a Brioni for $25 and a Barbera for $13.Also when I checked out the shipping was the same and there was a $1.00 for handling. So it combines when you check out.
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