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@Playdice......are the 3/4 or low tops? These are from the Johnny Mac collection. I'd venture about 1986, but after looking at them blown up are they retro Challenge Courts? What does it say bottom of the tag?
Grew up playing tennis in the 80's so if anyone has any questions feel free to shot me a PM. My favorite Italian brands were ellesse and Sergio Tacchini. Also anything from the Fila Borg line is big $$$. Also look for Nike Checkerboard (McEnroe) and any of the Agassi stuff. The Adidas Lendl gear is also desirable.
Way too much overhead there. It really cuts into the profit margin.... Just ask Proctor & Gamble. You want to keep your staff as lean as possible without sacrificing the quality of work. Someone made the point about the errors in Debbie's auctions because she outsources the work.
How do these end up at a thrift???? There have been some really amazing finds recently.
Man there has been quite a bit of Hilfiger H scored recently. It wasn't out the long and it was good 10 years ago.
Ralph Lauren has these:http://m.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=61551556&utm_medium=Google_PLA&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=21003321&gclid=CIOAwa3u1cYCFQ2OaQod0YgH6Q&ab=GeoMobile_iUS_rUS_dUSThe bow ties in the line look more like the members ties.
Any runners/bikers? Found this NWT Asics jacket in a large. Retail price is $90 and it's from the current lineup. http://edge.shop.com/ccimg.shop.com/240000/249500/249525/products/alt/41646434Skyline_Performance_Black.jpg Only other thing I found was a older Yakima trunk rack that should work for the Bimmer
I think you did well to pass on those suits. Early on I bought a bunch of Mani suits and had them altered. Got wear out of them but that money could have been better spent.
If those Nikes are early 80's they are the Wimbledon. They came in light blue or a perforated Swoosh. McEnroe wore them. They have released countless retro versions inspired by the Wimbledon.
He was behind Von Dutch before Ed Hardy. The dude made a fortune marketing to Douchebags and their chics.
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