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Guys looking for smaller shirts....found three nice ones: • Corneliani OCB-tagged Small. Off white with black light blue stripes • Borrelli French Cuff tagged 15.3/4 / 40. Light blue with white/gray stripes • Brioni linen not tagged. Light blue w/ green stripes. Only issue is the stitching is loose where the tag was. considering the eyeball says they are close in size and they were found at the same store my guess is same donor. This stuff doesn't show up very often...
Who the hell donates B&W speakers?????
Speaking of deerskin....I saw a deerskin tie made in Nee Zealand at lunch the other day. I left it because I had no clue if it was worth anything.
That's not their newest tag....That's several years old. Steve Smith has a ton of the latest BB suits in the good fabrics for not much more than that.
Great looking Seiko Thrft Vader. I love Seiko watches.
I've got no problem with Lands End, although some of the best shirts lurking in thrifts are the old LL Bean made in Canada flannel and chamois cloth button downs. I've picked up several in my size over the years.
The best thing about Polo is if you find something you like and its your size. You can't beat the quality.
Reposting this from the w/e....need an ID on the maker.
Great looking Canali Suited.
High end denium doesn't work for middle adged guys with a beer gut. Plus I wear a suit 5 days a week for work so I'm happy going the complete opposite which is shorts/sweats depending on the weather. Now i do like the nicer Nike and Under Armor gear so i dont look like a total slob.
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