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iI like nice stuff as much as anyone. Even though I'm not wealthly (my wife and I do make a nice living) I take the old money approach to things that you buy good quality things that are functional and built to last. We recently sold our '03 Honda Pilot that had 200k on it. The next day my friend who owns a car lot calls me about an '08 BMW 528xi coming through auction. Ended up getting it for his cost plus $500....only 43k. I tell my 10 year old to keep it clean because...
I've slept on this.To me that says...."I had one hit single/album/movie....and I want some type of evidence of what a dumb f¥€k I was with my money."
So who agreed with me....you or Mrs Spoo?
For flipping I'm sure Spoo will knock it out of the park with that jacket. Personally I think it's ugly and gaudy.
That is really awesome work. I think it looks great.
17.5 here....would gladly take a couple of those off your hands.
Lock S foils in attack position
In all seriousness these might be the coolest things ever scored on here. First off how many retro Husker Du shirts have you ever seen? Second to find not one but two????
What size are the J Press shirts?
Discount purchase of a sorely needed item. I only have one pair of black captoes due to various pairs wearing out over the years. That pair is now at Alden for recrafting (my plain cap 907's). Stopped by the AE Outlet in Jeffersonville on the way up to Columbus yesterday, found a pair of perforated captoes in the back reduced to $169. The SA gave me the $25 store coupon and got them for $154 out the door.
New Posts  All Forums: