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Those are cuff links.
From a tour? That's post Music For the Masses.
I used to have some baller rugbys in college with that logo.
In the right part of Cincinnati that's a high dollar home. There is a big Eastside/Westside divide here. If you move west you can get a lot more home for the $$$
Nice dude....What part of town?
Dirt... Welcome aboard and very solid first post. Impressive finding Brioni. The stuff that isn't super flippable is for you....which I do all the time. What's fun about this is in a few years you'll see stuff you at one time would have bought and now don't give a 2nd glance too.
If you want to hit the Nati I'm sure Dan and I would be glad to do a meet up. We've got a great microbrewery scene here.
Been thrifting/consignment hunting here since 2003 and can echo what Dan says. First off we really don't have the stores that sell the super high end stuff. If you do find a Brioni and such it wasn't bought here. Also Cincinnati is a for lack of a better term cheap. Even the people who make big bucks will get their suits at Jos A Banks. The one nice men's clothing store downtown you can get Oxxford but only MTM.
I'm selling a pair of Red Wings in B&S that were a J Crew In Good Co. Exclusive.
Selling my J Crew Ltd Edition Red Wing 4572 Boots Sz 9D. These were Purchased new and were part of the "In Good Company " collection. These are too small for me now and have been sitting in the box. Also has the extra laces. They are in really nice condition. In the pictures you see some rubs to the uppers, those are not gouges in any way. I did not want to treat them because I know someone else might want it a different way. Asking $125 plus shipping. These are now...
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