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I think that would be a cool summer tie with a lighter colored suit.
Cool Stuff Needmacine....I really like that Thomas Dent shirt. If you don't need big bucks for it PM me. I'm sure the Chanel/Hermes items will put a little change in your pocket.
I hit the SVDP we went to and didn't see anything. We need to pick a Saturday and hit the city hard.....
I named the dog Indiana.....Did you hit any places today DM?
To me a grail find has to be something not only of value, but it has to be something that you have longed for and it fits you. My "grail" is a pair of black or brown John Lobb captoe or wingtips. Finding a NWT Tom Ford suit that would never fit me is not Grail.....Its something I would turn a very nice profit on eBay. I see Grail used a lot on SW&D stuff. As I've mentioned before that's not my thing but that's ok. The thing that one must consider is if that item was...
That's a Grail find....................if you're a cross dresser.
Congrats man
I wouldn't think there is a huge market for Longchamp knockoffs.
NICE!!!!!! Just be careful of the curse of the Pharaoh.
Any 9.5 guys looking for longwings? I've had a run on them lately and althought my size they aren't quite my style. Florsheim Royal Imperial in black w/ suicide heel 9.5D Florsheim Imperial in Walnut w/ suicide heel 9.5C Johnston & Murphy (US Made) in black 9.5D British Walkers in walnut 9.5D The uppers in all these are very nice and all have nice thick soles. PM me if any of these are of interest.
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