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Are those '85 1's or a retro? They haven't retroed those in quite sometime and when they have they do some ugly color scheme.
Hope you dont have high expectations.
Does it need a new home????
Did you see the Brioni and Corneliani I have for sale a page or so back?
@Dukedishin.....amazing finding that many pairs of shell Alden's. I've only found one pair in my entire thrifting career.....but they were shell. Brought a nice $$$ on eBay.
That's insane Spoo....
If it was...where you gonna rock that in T-town?
Great stuff KenP:slayer:
Found all these... • Corneliani OCB-tagged Small. Off white with black light blue stripes • Borrelli French Cuff tagged 15.3/4 / 40. Light blue with white/gray stripes. The top button hole needs to be resewn/reinforced. • Brioni linen not tagged. Light blue w/ green stripes. Only issue is the stitching is loose where the tag was. considering the eyeball says they are close in size and they were found at the same store my guess is same donor. This stuff doesn't show up...
I have five pairs of Southern Tide Vintage Chinos, all either NWT or NWOT and unhemmed: Size 32 - Sand x 2 Size 37 - not sure of the color...it's a bit darker then the khaki pair...might just be the style. - SOLD Size 40 - Khaki x 1, Sand x 1 Retail on these is $98.50....$30 Shipped CONUS each.
New Posts  All Forums: