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Is this legit? My two skeets..... I took the ugliest two with the newer tags.
Out in the field....some guy dropped off his Bugatchi Uomo shirt collection. I know this stuff is overpriced....does it flip like RG sheets?
Alden x3 (bought one pair new but at 20% off)Bruno Magli wingtip - bought new at Off 5th for under $100."AE x 5
You do not need that....can supply you with address to ship to.
Didn't I sell you the first of your models?
If I had the funds I'd drive the 3.5-4 hours to get them.
I thought that was what they called the retros. I've got a pair I picked up a couple years ago on clearance at Macys that are a tad more subdued....white perforated leather with a navy swoosh.
They look like a Wimbledon style shoe with the modern tweaks. The old tennis shoes had that herringbone style tread. The Adidas Stan Smith also had the sole pattern.
I was playing in HS and college, then coached until the mid 90's so i was up on what was what tennis gear wise. When it comes to Nike basketball shoes and such I'm limited.
The Nike looks like its Agassi...does it have a flaming tennis ball logo? It appears that it did. The adidas is ok.... Its not Lendl, and I dont think its from Stefan Edbergs line. The value of vintage tennis gear increases exponentially if it was part of pros gear line. If that Nike shirt is Agassi its a $100 plus shirt because it has value to Agassi fans,tennis gear collectors, and Nike collectors.
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