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Yup those oil changes for the Quattroporte ain't cheap. I'm really starting to like those by the way...
Spoo...You have to keep the Oyster Bay suspenders. At the very least displayed at the shop.
Pretty sure they are Alden. My BB tassels are.
Thanks Guys !!! Tried them on and they to the cleaners.
ID help on the pants I picked up at lunch....
I had a couple Nautica jackets back in the 90's. Lightweight orange with Nautica in Navy on one sleeve and the sailboat on the other, and a bright yellow down. That thing was baller.
Made a quick run at lunch. Picked up a pair of made in Italy Facconable pants in my size. Appear to be recent. Also took a couple pictures: Left at $25, wasn't gaudy enough and needed to be cleaned.... And file this under Holy Markup Batman....
I like the Nike retro tennis shoes. I've got the Challenge Court 2 in white/red/blue, Air Trainer1s in the original color way, and just bought the Tennis Classics that look like the old Wimbledon's. My grail find for a vintage tennis shoe would be the old Superga's from the early 80's. I was also a big fan of the Diadora Borg Elites.
I don't remember seeing Indians ones like that and I was still living up north then. I do remember the Browns ones by the maker...ugly brown with the orange helmet.By the way I loved your shoe pix!!!
As a life long Tribe fan....I know why that still has the tags on it. Looks like something a grandma would wear. There are some great deals on eBay on vintage Majestic and Russell jerseys and such.
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