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Spadea ain't afraid a ya....
This is BS becuase my assumption when they first started this is one it was received by their shipper....the seller was off the hook. Love how they change the rules.
Saw Belin open for U2 on the Joshua Tree tour at the Pontiac Silverdome. They were really good.
You looking for anything Ace? I'd love to trade for the Bruce T....
Johnston & Murphy Longwings Made in USA size 9.5 D/B They are in very good condition. Asking $50.00 Shipped CONUS as they are heavy.
Nice pair of Johnston & Murphy Longeings Sz 9.5 D/B. Made in the USA. They are in very good condition for their age. Asking $50.00 shipped CONUS.
We had a cat that looked like that. Lived until he was about 13....he was a great one.
The four legged canine family members... All thrifted LOL..... And we also have three cats. Fortunately none of them are extremely large.
My mom has a thing for adopting dogs then we end up with them....
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