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Spoomaster Flash and Lo Crew Featuring his hit singles ...My Ferrari and Versace: Too Legit, not Legit itz shitz
Totally agree.. Those scream Frechys indoor Shades. Need to keep the glare to a minimum finding all those gems in the Great White North.You need to let us be the judge if they look good on you!!!
JCrew.....Jay Cee roo
And after looking at the Jordans again, those have the 5 tongue, the 4side straps and trim, but are mainly 3's. My three favorite Jordan's rolled into 1....
No way dude....those Jordan's are a spawn on the 3's. The 5's had the silver tongue and clear bottom. And if they were in my size and cheap I'd buy them, throw them in the was and wear them.
With the insane stuff you pull Frenchy....only thing that would impress me are a bunch of NOS 30 year old Jordans still in the boxes.
Wonder if Joffrey Beene shirts flip well?
Close up of the components.
That looks like Polo you could get Monroe St a few blocks past the Toledo Museum of Art. The store also carried Fila
If any of you collect Militaria I've got some WW2 stuff:
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