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I wouldn't think there is a huge market for Longchamp knockoffs.
NICE!!!!!! Just be careful of the curse of the Pharaoh.
Any 9.5 guys looking for longwings? I've had a run on them lately and althought my size they aren't quite my style. Florsheim Royal Imperial in black w/ suicide heel 9.5D Florsheim Imperial in Walnut w/ suicide heel 9.5C Johnston & Murphy (US Made) in black 9.5D British Walkers in walnut 9.5D The uppers in all these are very nice and all have nice thick soles. PM me if any of these are of interest.
I've got a nice pair of black Florsheim Royal Imperial V-Cleats in size. 9.5D. The uppers are in really nice condition and the soles are nice and thick. Asking $75.00 shipped CONUS I also have more pictures should you need to see them. .
This is one of those things if you bought it for personal use....who cares who it's made by. You can wear it a couple times and redonate it. If you bought it to sell....ya you're hosed.
Looks like something you see in he commercials where the teenage girls "repurpose" clothing.
Those belts aren't worth anything. Send them down I-71 so I can dispose of them properly
I actually found a BB Tweed SC with buttons like that....but done in leather. IIRC it found a new home fairly quickly.
Dan...quit complaining. I never even get to go out anymore. Although based on the stuff you post...I think you run a wider circuit than I did.
Hate to tell you this that's not a Burberry's trench. I've seen those before and it's some company that copied the novacheck plaid.
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