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I'm into 12" Action a Figures. My 10 year old has a bunch of the mid 2000's Joes. That Cobra vehicle is a really cool find. Repainted VAMP.
You mean Dolce & Gabenna isn't legit? I thought it was the he diffusion line 😃 My son is decent at the thrifts when he wants to be. He's found some really nice Nike and Under Armor stuff for himself.
Koala....I would check www.jomashop.com You can pick up a nice new automatic Seiko 5 for under $200.
Nataku....you can use that stuff for the band!!!!! Also if I could ask a favor. I'm a suit 5 days a week guy and I've recently had to retire a a couple of mine so my rotation is thin. If anyone has any recent BB or HF in a 46R/L with a 40 waist and 31" inseam that you haven't been able to flip send me a PM.
Never seen Grail applied to Ed Hardy.......🙀
Since when did you become a Indie rocker Nataku?????
Dan....sorry to hear this. It sucks when something happens to a fur family member. Hope you made it back ok.Was actually thinking about you the other day when I saw the Hill-Rom news....is that going to impact you?
I've heard a lot of great things about Wichita.
Nataku.....that TT is bad@$$ for $10.00.
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