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I found a Brooks Brothers tie the other night....if I decide not to keep it how much could I flip it for on eBay? How much profit will I make before PayPal rips me off or the dude files a SND? I passed on some Christian Dior ties a couple Ralph Lauren suits with the green label...should I have picked these up?
Serenity now.....serenity nowYou young guys probably won't get that reference
WOW!!!!!No room in the closet....refer to pictures.Welcome back JP...how is law school treating you?
I got hammered on my 29th birthday...my friends that were there still like to bring up how dad I was. Happy Bday Atl
Noob....you mean affliction shirts aren't cool? I wear mine every Saturday night when I hit the clubs under my loudest Robert Graham shirt and True Religion jeans.... WORD!!!!
This is going to be my only comment on this, and maybe I have a different perspective since I'm OLD!!!! I took the whole thing the other night as a joke, and DM7 was the one who got bent out of shape about scratching the hood of his car...not the term Gay. Which by the way is used in terms like "gay pride" and "gay rights". Now personally, I find the use of f@g or h0m0 offensive. Just my .02 Back to thrifting....I found a pair of NWOT LL Bean Bean Boots. They are the...
The two Canali suits I picked up are at the dry cleaners. My project today was putting my flannel suits in the zip up suit bags and packing up my heavier shirts. All my sweaters are upstairs as well.I should post my two full drawers of tennis clothes LOL
Next time I hit one of you up for a shirt, tie, or suit....remind me to take a look at my closet. [[SPOILER]] One of the draw backs of living in a 100 plus year old house...they didn't have closets. This also does not include my clothes up on the third floor.
Not a fan of the last one....But the middle one And yes...some people cannot take a joke on this site.
MG....leggings is tame to what I like LOL.Still owe you a pants inventory as well. I'm way behind on picture taking and the like..
New Posts  All Forums: