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Happy B-Day Spoo. Take the baby out for a nice drive on a winding road if the weather is co-operating.
Took advantage of the additional 25% of clearance items at the Nordstom Rack today.. Got a $1,795 Canali suit for $217. Also picked up a pair of Hudson jeans and a cool shirt by WRK. Not familiar with the brand but it was like a solid grey flannel that fit really well.
The real question is was she hot?
Is that the one I hooked you up with???
She's pregnant and looks that good. Soon she'll be a MILF
Is anyone else having flashbacks to when Darkmatter7 was first posting on the forum?
What size is it and do you ever post on the AAAC Trad Thrift thread? It looked decent and the Southwick Paul Stuart stuff is classic.
Just got an email from Unionmade that the jacket I bought was oversold and they would would be refunding my money. Rats!!!!!
Three suits in my rotation came from you....I'd say Minneapolis has treated me well.Still sad Mazaratti dude didn't donate this year.
That's because a lot of the Oxxford stuff you see at thrifts is 25 + years old. So yeah at that point I agree it's dated. As for it's quality and feel of the more recent stuff...DanM can chime in on a more recent suit I passed on to him.I also think Jomspo is dead on with his first post in regards to Oxxford.
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