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Bi-wireable bookshelf's???? Nice
I'd pass...looks from that picture like they tried to get the spot out.
GMMcL..I think that HSM is then new label....nice. Great finds
I never find anything newish tie wise by Lily Pulitzer. If I did I'd pick it up. Love the bright colors.
Nice car, a friend of mine at work had an Infiniti coupe for a while. Personally I would have saved myself a few grand and got a 370Z.....I like the look better.
I'll give you an honest opinion on J&M. They were my first foray into "better" shoes almost 15 years ago. I liked the made in Italy ones with the rubber soles. The company I worked for work corporate casual...and they worked great with Khakis. Theyhad a higher end line made in Italy I think made by Magnanni if I'm not mistaken and carried a $200 plus price tag.Since then they began outsourcing their stuff much like Cole-Haan, Bostonian, and Florsheim....they are a shadow...
Congrats man....funds to fuel the habit.
If its on the larger side send it my way and I'll check it out for you. I've got lots of Barbour items to compare it to.
He's the Bandit......
I used to look like that before my body was ravaged by the side effects of beer and chicken wings:D
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