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One of my favs the Jayhawks are also from Minneapolis. Also the Replacements.Maybe this stuff belonged to Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum? If there was ever a dude I could see rocking this kind of stuff to be cool....it would be him.
Dan....right now it's Merona galore to flip past.
Yeah WTF........no Brooks Brothers or Ben Silver??????.....that $hit is whack!!!!!!!!
Whenever guys post shit I can't pronounce or have never heard of I know it must be good. Congrats Nat
I was thinking about sending it to you in my next batch of ties.
Today's Finds: Barney's New York, has a small snag I clipped off but I'm keeping it for myself. Duchamp Made in England....this thing might be the skeet blanket of ties Size 36 NOS Polo Shorts...Made in the US and still have the "Inspected By" sticker on the inside...available
DM7.... It took a lot of courage to do what you did. I've heard mentioned there is a business professor at Stanford that tells his students...." If you have an idea you feel you can make money on....quit school and go for it. You can always return to school." Ideas > education
Miscellaneous Items 16x35 BB must iron OCBD Excellent Condition. $20.00 Shipped LLBean...these I think are nwot...really nice dress chinos Measure 36/29.5 $18.00 shipped Brioni Tagged 36 Measures 17.5 across by 28 inseam...1 1/2" cuff $28.00
Sorry Ian...didn't know you we're down with "wrapped the 6 4 round a telephone poll . Looked at my car and said oh brotha, throw it in the gutter and go buy another."
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