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I would totally rock these and they would fit. Wouldn't pay a $125 for them though. Wes...PM me if your selling.
Don't get on here much anymore. I see the old thread closed, the new thread is closing in on 3K posts, and I dropped out of the top 20 posters from the old thread. I miss checking things out but I got tired of seeing people post crap and asking what's it worth??? Anyways I hope all my old trading partners are doing good.
Yeah I don't get out as much as I used to...but finds are few and far between as it is,
5. Saville Row shops almost always seem to tag their garments advertising that you did in fact get this tailored on Saville Row.My guess would be HK....
If you can wear a 9.5d....I've got a pair with the suicide heels and a pair of Johnston & Murphy from back when they made shoes in the U.S.
Dalton....FYI you are not missing the hood. Barbour sell them separate. If you list this on the the bay don't want you to ding yourself.
Back in the early '90's I used to love Tommy Hilfiger and Timberland stuff. Then all of a sudden it became Hood wear.
Thought I saw you mention that as well
Isn't the HF on the trouser clasp the maker of the clasp and not Hickey Freeman?
Happy B-Day Spoo. Take the baby out for a nice drive on a winding road if the weather is co-operating.
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