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Some goods finds this w/e. I'll have more pictures later but I wanted to get these up because they are available for trade: My first Jil Sander...tagged 40 (15 1/2) A couple of Hawaiian shirt, the first one is a Kalena fashions of Hawaii, the other the tag has worn off...both Mediums
I picked this up at TJ Maxx on clearance...although it tagged 17 which should work for me, it's mega slim. If anyone is interested I'll pass it on for cost/shipping otherwise I'll take it back.
Great finds Ace...I've been to the Savers in your area and I didn't see anything close to that level tie wise.
I still have a pair of those. Haven't wore them in forever.
Sir Mixalot SWASS....Greatest Rap Album of all-time
Lacrosse is over...need to do that soon. And it looks like I picked the wrong side of the river LOL.
I hit two places today and didn't find squat.
He was only flannel after her saw Kurt....that dude was a hipster before the term was coined.
One of my favs the Jayhawks are also from Minneapolis. Also the Replacements.Maybe this stuff belonged to Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum? If there was ever a dude I could see rocking this kind of stuff to be cool....it would be him.
Dan....right now it's Merona galore to flip past.
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