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DM7 here.....I present to you the iPhone 7 Maclemore edition. In addition to all the normal iPhone shit.....this bad boy can automatically locate thrifts and consignment shops, scan the inventory for you, and find grail SW&D and Kiton. A special upgrade will also tell you if that orphan jacket you found has its mate in the store. Because of the awesome potential of this phone, you must be approved by the one and only Klobber. Of course I have my prototype that allows me to...
Glad the ties worked. The shirt I received from you is in the wash.Surprised the GW boutique had a NWT Zegna that cheap. I've stopped at that place once...never really bother with a place that marks a used Polo shirt almost to the price you can pick one up new on clearance at Macy's.
I'd keep the ones I know I'd wear and are most recent. There is no sense hanging on to it if you won't wear it. If they are close to something I already have...consider these an upgrade.
We need a Cincy SF thrift meetup.....first pitcher/round on me.
I'll take a flyer and say Gucci since that's what's on the tag
I bought the Rag & Bone shot glasses when they were marked down at Target. Sadly the R&B flasks were sold out.
Looking good Ceaser....Went to law school prom with my wife back when we were dating when she was a 3L
You need my address for these??? Great find, I like a rubber sole dress shoe when the weather is crappy.
This w/e finds....too lazy to snap pictures. - Two XL Skeets - One XL Italian Made Skeet (aka Etro) -NIB Daniel Cremuix Bow Tie/Cummerbund set -NWOT LL Bean Flat Front Dress khakis size 36 -Bills Khakis M2 Driving twills size 36 -Charles Thrywhitt slim fit dress shirt 16.5x35 with the brass color stays -Gittman Gold french cuff solid white dress shirt 16.5x33 -NWT Hiltl Jefferson Pants size 40 waist brown All available...get at me if anything is of interest. Also shout...
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