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Pass....I think most of the old stuff is the equivalent of the Lauren suits you see now.
jSo what's that translate out to.....roughly 50/52L US? I'm a solid 46R/L and I'm in the 56/58 range.
I still like playing with toys....always check them out when I'm out. What I recent learned with vintage loose Star Wars figures is the guns are worth more than the figures.....because they were easily lost.Personally I'm into 1/6 scale military stuff (WW2 and Civil War), but I recently ventured into Star Wars. Talk about a chunk of change.
I saw some shirts on there I thought looked cool. Thing is a Gant patchwork shirt would look better on a skinny dude like Eazy opposed to holding in my spare tire from Fat Tire. Slim fit shirts are a definately no no for me.
V6.....bought that from my friend as wellThat was a great link to that sale. I bought a Patagonia jacket for $45.00.
This is my 3rd BMW. Had a 1983 320i back in college (wish I still had that car) and a '96 328i sedan with the sport package. We've also had multiple VWs and currently have an '08 Touareg. Love German cars....hate the maintence costs.
iI like nice stuff as much as anyone. Even though I'm not wealthly (my wife and I do make a nice living) I take the old money approach to things that you buy good quality things that are functional and built to last. We recently sold our '03 Honda Pilot that had 200k on it. The next day my friend who owns a car lot calls me about an '08 BMW 528xi coming through auction. Ended up getting it for his cost plus $500....only 43k. I tell my 10 year old to keep it clean because...
I've slept on this.To me that says...."I had one hit single/album/movie....and I want some type of evidence of what a dumb f¥€k I was with my money."
So who agreed with me....you or Mrs Spoo?
For flipping I'm sure Spoo will knock it out of the park with that jacket. Personally I think it's ugly and gaudy.
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