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I have a pair of nice linen sport coats in the 40/41 range. Both measure roughly 17.5" in the shoulders, 21" Pit to Pit, and 31.5" from the bottom of the collar. Sleeves are roughly 25.5". Asking $27.00 Each shipped or will sell the pair for $48.00 FR Tripler & Co. Woodhouse Lynch Clothiers (Former Columbus Ohio Men's Store http://www.dispatch.com/content/stor...0_D49A6H6.html) Recent Southwick Price of Wales Sport Coat - $22.00 Shipped measures more like a...
I bought one of the $550 ones and had a $20 off code from them...ended up about $100 shipped.
Some goods finds this w/e. I'll have more pictures later but I wanted to get these up because they are available for trade: My first Jil Sander...tagged 40 (15 1/2) A couple of Hawaiian shirt, the first one is a Kalena fashions of Hawaii, the other the tag has worn off...both Mediums
I picked this up at TJ Maxx on clearance...although it tagged 17 which should work for me, it's mega slim. If anyone is interested I'll pass it on for cost/shipping otherwise I'll take it back.
Great finds Ace...I've been to the Savers in your area and I didn't see anything close to that level tie wise.
I still have a pair of those. Haven't wore them in forever.
Sir Mixalot SWASS....Greatest Rap Album of all-time
Lacrosse is over...need to do that soon. And it looks like I picked the wrong side of the river LOL.
I hit two places today and didn't find squat.
He was only flannel after her saw Kurt....that dude was a hipster before the term was coined.
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