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I've bought several pairs used. No issues. Most people buying AE's or higher quality are going to take care of them.
That's a crazy vinyl collection....makes my 600+ cd's seem tame.
My two personal favs are Fat Tire Amber Ale (New Belguim) and Goose Island 312. I will agree with Sam Adams...they make some solid beers. My favs there are the Summer Ale and Winter Lager.
Had these for sale in another link....I'd be more then willing to trade: Richel Tie Measures 59.5" long and is 3.75" wide. $25>>>$15Shipped
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ I looked at SAAB this past summer and yikes, the interior materials would be downright embarrassing in a car half the price. I don't recall the interior being so hard and cheap two decades ago riding in a 900 convertible. I was just a kid so maybe my memory is off. We looked at 9-3's a couple years ago and ended up getting the new bodystyle Jetta because my wife thought the the Saab seemed more like a Saturn
Last drops before e-bay.
Add'l price drops. Open to offers.
Price Drops.
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz Sounds like a good idea - but just realize that from the sellers point of view he must now manage multiple threads. I think many sellers are already managing multiple threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I've been guilty of this, but only because I've seen the bigger names in this forum do it and I can't compete with the volume knocking me into oblivion. Not naming names, but I also don't like the "eBay auction ends in 2 days! Ends in 1 day! Ends in 1 hour; prices still low!" bumps. I agree, there is an actual e-bay thread that if I list something on there I put it in that thread. If I'm looking to buy...
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