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Quote: Originally Posted by onix Oh, it's more. Not just the smell. the item was described as excellent condition. But there's a lot of pilling (it's a sweater), an initial of god know who inside the collar band. Well that's a whole other issue if the item was misrepresented. But if I'm buying used clothes either at a thrift or on e-bay. I assume it might not be perfect. The worst case I encountered from e-bay was a Paul Stuart shirt that...
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Really? Pejsek? The God of Thrifting? He seemed like such an insightful and upstanding gentleman of fine moral compass... hope he resurfaces. That's one of those things you hope something didn't happen. When is the last time he posted?
Price drops....last ones before e-bay.
More price drops...last ones before e-bay.
Quote: Originally Posted by neeZy What are the measurements shoulder to shoulder? Rough measurements: BB - 19" JV - 19" Sam - 20"+
Price drops
Price Drops
Updated for new items (pictures/measurements)
Sold a pair of Polo RL shoes to Wishwind. He was excellent to deal with and paid promptly once we agreed on a price with the additional shipping cost to South Korea.
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