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Final Price Drop...feel free to haggle.
I found a BB Golden Fleece tie at TJ Maxx over the w/e. I've probably been to about 8 different TJ's based on some of the posts on here with people finding BF and GF ties.
AAAA Bugatchi Uomo FB201 Air-Lite Double Handle Computer Case. Color is black. Here are the details: •Two handles for a secure grip •Accommodates up to 15.4" computer •Cell phone pocket •PDA pocket •2 Pen loops •Business card pocket •Interior rear zipper compartment •Exterior zippered front pocket •Fully adjustable shoulder strap •Custom Bugatchi hardware •Material: Made of genuine top grain leather and high density nylon •Dimensions: 12" x 14" x 3" Original Retail...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trotsky1940 So I've cleaning out my "thrifted before I knew what I was looking for pile" and am resigned to giving the entire pile back. There's some decent stuff, but much of it does not fit quite right or simply is not what I thought it was when I picked it up. Has anybody else did this early on? Also, found a pair of 10 C AE McAllisters in great shape and my first Zegna Tie here, nice pattern as...
Interested in the brioni. Let me know what you would want for it or would be willing to swap.
Price Drops....will sell the Coach and Cole Haan together for $25.00 plus shipping.
A situation like this is the reason Google is a wonderful thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by cpmac7 I would say most likely scenario A. I have seen people go through the suits and just take the pants. I dont get it. They probably have a great jacket they think will match the pants better
Price Drops
My wife bought prescription Tiffany sunglasses this spring so she doesn't need her non prescription ones any longer. They all appear to be in very good condition, but we do not have cases for any of them. Tom Ford Lara Sold Coach $25.00>>>20.00>>>$15.00 plus shipping Cole Haan $25.00>>>20.00>>>$15.00 plus shipping
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