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Price drop/new tie.
I've bought a suit from Nataku previously and his stuff is top notch.
Today I picked up a Canali tie (first Canali thrift find) and two unsual ties labled "Shirtmakers" and they are made in Italy. Not familiar with the brand, but they looked brand new.
Price drop on remaining tie.
New Items/Price Drops
I also find one of the best magazines I have seen for clothing is the Robb Reports fashion issue. Problem with them is if you have to ask you can't afford it.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Yeah, but Rihanna's on the cover....so, all's forgiven. I thought this issue was the worst issue ever. This topped their comic issue. Really don't care how stylish they think BO is, yet bash GB who was know to wear Oxxford suits & AE...which seems fine to me. Personally I think BO at times wears his ties too long LOL.
Picked up a newer Hickey Freeman suit (from Nordstrom) medium grey pinstripe. Seems to fit well.....Price....$10.00
Quote: Originally Posted by mainy Eh, whatever. It's a game of finders keepers, and that is what makes thrifting a beautiful thing. If you find an awesome score, you might as well buy all of it, because if you don't somebody else is going to. At least when I buy stuff to flip I know it's going to go to somebody who will appreciate it... If I saw that I would have asked the guy if he was going to flip them, and if so I would have asked him to...
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