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Quote: Originally Posted by Hoofit I'm really trying to decide whether I should jump for re-crafting with these while the deal is still running this weekend. I already could use another pair of shoe trees and some polish... but then again, maybe that is just plain spending too much money on a used pair of shoes (it's not like re-crafting touches the insole). That pair still looks like they have a ton of wear left on the soles. Just put some...
Quote: Originally Posted by randob300 If I picked up every Zegna/Talbott/BB/etc tie I've seen, I would probably have >300 ties stuffed in a box; never to be seen again. I did pick up a Dunhill in a blue/light blue the other week. I don't need any more ties, but it was too nice to leave behind. I'm passing on more ties myself. The cool thing is I'll were them a few times and if I don't like them I'll put a lot togethr and sell them on e-bay.
Quote: Originally Posted by mystillwater that Zenga tie is gonna give me nightmares... and i've seen alot of ugly ties in my day.. sometimes you just need to leave it even if it's a rare and expensive brand as for the AE's, great find.. they look like they haven't been worn much and will clean up nicely. They look like Bel Air's but the medallion is a little different than mine. possibly just an older version? Those aren't the Bel Airs,...
Quote: Originally Posted by usctrojans31 How are you guys getting things so cheaply? I checked my local Rack today and the suit that I wanted a month and a half ago is still there and STILL 650. My wife was at the Rack today and she checked....$650 for the suits.
The thrifts here have been picked over as well. I did find a Coach briefcase yesterday (combo leather/nylon) for $8.00.
Quote: Originally Posted by gregaz And now mine. I have sold a couple of these in the past, and they are TERRIFIC. Been on a lookout for a 40R. These really do fly under the radar, but I have it on good word of someone who has several mainline Isaia items that these are almost identical in quality and fit. I saw these at the Rack and wasn't familiar with the brand. Now I know.
Good haul today: -Brioni Roma f/c dress shirt in blue (size 15 so it will be on here). -newer lacoste sweater (my size) -Burberry button down (size L but it fits) -Versace tie Glad my 5 year old suggested going thrifting tonight.
I bought these off Temujin on E-Bay, and although they are marked as a 9.5 they fit more like a 9.0. They are in really nice shape but just too small. I'd be willing to trade them for something similiar in a 9.5D http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWNX:IT
Quote: Originally Posted by vinasity Have been pretty busy lately but today decided to go thrifting. Here is a pic of today's loot. 2 Ascot Chang shirts Charles Tyhwhitt Boss Holland & Sherry trousers Express trousers Burberry Tie Zegna tie If you want to unload the Burberry tie shoot me a PM
Quote: Originally Posted by jrobjr The Plunger is a superb seller, I am sure there is some mistake here. Same here...bought an Armani tie off him and he threw in an extra tie.
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