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I've found the thrifting to have dried up lately. All you see is Merona crap from Target (NWT) and other overstock stuff from Macys and Dillards. Also the "Boutiques" that Goodwill has come up with are a crock. They try to get $20 out of a used Tommy Hilfiger shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by The Wayfarer And where might I find some Fat Tire? That's pretty high in my list of priorities. I'd try any grocery store. It's a joke you can't get in here (I'm in Cincinnati). I was down at a family reunion this summer south of Nashville and I saw it at the Wal Mart (I had purchased a couple cases warm at Whole Foods in Brentwood). They also had Yuengling which I like.
Can someone clue me in to what makes these shoes special?
Quote: Originally Posted by who8mahrice What the... In any case, come closer to Christmas, I might be looking at one, lol. Yeah same here, my wife actually wants this scarf.
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Wilco's fallen off the map after YHF. Don't see how they're overrated--that album was a marvel but they haven't approached it since. Ghost is Born got a lot of acclaim as has the self titled that came out this summer. I like Wilco, but it cracks me up how people fawn over Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar gets little love. My point is "I LOVE UNCLE TUPELO!!!!"
Overrated-Wilco underrated-Son Volt
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube The Dead may not be the greatest rock band in history, but a live performance was a life-altering experience. And I can't name another band that had (has) a more faithful following. I know people who basically put their lives on hold and followed the Dead around the country for years, going from gig to gig. Allowing fans to tape their shows was a stroke of genius. There are still people trading tapes of concerts...
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 ^great from 81 to 85 ^mediocre from 86-90 ^inexcusable since Agree with 81-85, War gets a lot of cred because that was the album that really got them noticed. Unforgetable Fire is still one of my all time favs almost 25 years later. Boy & October are really good as well The last couple have been ok. Pop though???????
That is a sweet jacket. My Burberry trench is a 42 and I normally wear a 46.
Price Reduction from $55 to $45 on the Cole Haan's
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