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I need video proof to see that the bra actually came off and landed behind the bed.
Quote: Originally Posted by hst I bought ties recently from padronlover and jkidd41011. Smooth deal, and fast delivery. Ditto from my end with HST. Good guy to deal with.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC I get stuff to flip, but my goal (generally) is to find things for my own wardrobe. My flip profits go into my Paypal slush fund, and usually go to B&S/AAAC thrift exchange. I try to have enough sense not to post things that I intend to flip in this thread. Sometimes, like with the Kiton I found a few months ago, the goal was to wear it (which, I did, once), but it was just too big so I flipped it. I've been...
Quote: Originally Posted by Trapp Smart that you didn't bite. You'll find something that fits you at a better price. I do need to lose weight. I'm carrying about 25 lbs too much from a knee injury. Sadly its mostly around he waist.
We'll yesterday I had a brush of greatness. I was out of town and my wife and I were doing some shopping, and the mens store we went into was relocating so they were having a huge mving sale. On the 80% off rack was a suit. Look inside at the tag and read "Brioni". Look at the size and its a 56. I tried it on and it was a tad tight fighting closer to a 44/45 US. The price was $950 (originally $4500.00). I seriously contemplated firing on it and losing a bit of weight.
More drops...only three ties left.
More Price Drops
Picked up a recent Armani tie for $2 (not narrow but not super wide). Also found a BB button down in my size for $7. More than I like to pay, but it was in excellent condition (made in US of Italian woven fabric).
New ties added/Price Drops
The Boss suit I have isn't bad and was purchased at a steep discount. That said I would spend more them a couple hundred on a new one. Now the Kenneth Cole NY I purchase new (even at $125) was not money well spent.
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