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Mine did on Saturday . The sad thing is I feel guilty about paying $100.00 for a $550.00 shirt.
Nataku...what size is the dead t-shirt????
Ian...they have an outdoor shop down here in the Nati that has really sweet fly fishing gear....ie $$$$$$$$They are also an official Barbour distributor and carry Patagonia along with other cool outdoor gear. I drool evertime I go in there.
If you are going to do that at least post an new pix of the ride.
Any smaller guys that are looking for military camo pants....I found a really nice pair of woodland camo stock 8415-01-390-8944 in size medium/short. It list the waist at 31-35 and inseam at 26.5-29.5. Open trades and such. I've found some decent ties recently but haven't had much of a chance to take pictures. Included is my 2nd ever Sulka and an older paisley Charvet that is in really great shape.
I took the price out and added will trade
The link from the B&S thread wasn't taking the images.
If you are not in the 40/41 range and looking for a plaid linen sport coast...don't read this... [[SPOILER]]
I so want the yellow PRL jacket with the fuzzy hood DM7 posted.
Spoo's Ferrari swag collection is going to end up costing him more than the car.
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