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I've had the following items of B&S for the past few weeks and need to move them...open to offers/trades.... Recent Southwick Price of Wales Sport Coat - $40.00>>>30.00 Shipped measures more like a 43/44...Tagged 46R??? Jacket: Shoulders - 20.5" Pit to Pit - 23" Sleeves - 25" Length - 32" Two Button/Single Vent Recent Hickey Freeman Windowpane Sport Coat - $55.00 >>>45.00Shipped Tagged 44R...... 52 % Silk / 48% Wool. Very soft and in excellent...
Brian...was behind a couple pages and saw your Isaia stuff....if I had a spare $900 laying around I'd so fire on the blue size 58 suit you have.
ScottW....that's the old Burberry's. If you like the pattern and it fits, still a good sport coat.
That place is a waste...haven't bought anything there in well over a year. Being that's their central distribution center, I think it gets hit hard daily.
It's still a made in the USA Brooks Brothers.....not a bad find IMO if it fits you or for trade bait with a BB brand whore. I know I prefer their made in the US stuff.
Nat....great find on the B&W's and the Carver. Need my address again
I love this pair....how do Vass run size wise? My shoes say 43.5 EU.
No I haven't. Last week my wife and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. One of her bridesmaids husbands bought us a the big thing of Makers. We still have about half of that. Might need to start drinking some more of that.
You mean that swill Jack Daniels tries passing off as whiskey? LOLI don't drink bourbon much. When I do I'll have a Makers or Woodford Reserve.
"This year I'm just using it as an excuse to dress in annoyingly bright colors and drink Kentucky bourbon." Technically Bourbon only comes from Kentucky.
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