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What size are the J Press shirts?
Discount purchase of a sorely needed item. I only have one pair of black captoes due to various pairs wearing out over the years. That pair is now at Alden for recrafting (my plain cap 907's). Stopped by the AE Outlet in Jeffersonville on the way up to Columbus yesterday, found a pair of perforated captoes in the back reduced to $169. The SA gave me the $25 store coupon and got them for $154 out the door.
Vintage Rolex Sub > anything
If that is fake it looks pretty decent. My wife would still use it.
Suited....what size is this?????
There's a charity here locally that has a similar program that I'll donate stuff to. They help the people out with their dress, resume, and interviewing skills.
I actually bought that tie for my son in the kids size.
Anyone else think the middle "b" on the tag looks off?
Discount store find. Got a pair of Nike Air Trainer I at Nordstrom Rack for $33.00. My size!!!!! Being a big McEnroe fan this was a great find.
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