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Alden x3 (bought one pair new but at 20% off)Bruno Magli wingtip - bought new at Off 5th for under $100."AE x 5
You do not need that....can supply you with address to ship to.
Didn't I sell you the first of your models?
If I had the funds I'd drive the 3.5-4 hours to get them.
I thought that was what they called the retros. I've got a pair I picked up a couple years ago on clearance at Macys that are a tad more subdued....white perforated leather with a navy swoosh.
They look like a Wimbledon style shoe with the modern tweaks. The old tennis shoes had that herringbone style tread. The Adidas Stan Smith also had the sole pattern.
I was playing in HS and college, then coached until the mid 90's so i was up on what was what tennis gear wise. When it comes to Nike basketball shoes and such I'm limited.
The Nike looks like its Agassi...does it have a flaming tennis ball logo? It appears that it did. The adidas is ok.... Its not Lendl, and I dont think its from Stefan Edbergs line. The value of vintage tennis gear increases exponentially if it was part of pros gear line. If that Nike shirt is Agassi its a $100 plus shirt because it has value to Agassi fans,tennis gear collectors, and Nike collectors.
@Playdice......are the 3/4 or low tops? These are from the Johnny Mac collection. I'd venture about 1986, but after looking at them blown up are they retro Challenge Courts? What does it say bottom of the tag?
Grew up playing tennis in the 80's so if anyone has any questions feel free to shot me a PM. My favorite Italian brands were ellesse and Sergio Tacchini. Also anything from the Fila Borg line is big $$$. Also look for Nike Checkerboard (McEnroe) and any of the Agassi stuff. The Adidas Lendl gear is also desirable.
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