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Did not realize they did a 30th Annv this year. I had the royal Blue back in the day that you posted.
Didn't the recent retroes have the exaggerated AF1 soles?
Are those '85 1's or a retro? They haven't retroed those in quite sometime and when they have they do some ugly color scheme.
Hope you dont have high expectations.
Does it need a new home????
Did you see the Brioni and Corneliani I have for sale a page or so back?
@Dukedishin.....amazing finding that many pairs of shell Alden's. I've only found one pair in my entire thrifting career.....but they were shell. Brought a nice $$$ on eBay.
That's insane Spoo....
If it was...where you gonna rock that in T-town?
Great stuff KenP:slayer:
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