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Klobber may not have coined the term. But his graphic depiction of what he'd do to those RG shirts paved the way....
Surely you jest?????
3 recent Kiton Suits.
Great find...someone was dead on when they said Klobber. He was an awesome dude.Now find ammo bag!!!!
Didn't the whole skeet thing come about when I tried buying the Barbour jacket off the guy and he said it was in too bad of condition and was going to turn it into an ammo bag. After everyone had fun with this, iirc someone chimed in they found a Kiton and it wasn't available, they were going to turn into jizz rag. I think skeet was brought up then later attached to the RG shirts.
The off 5th here quite frequently has Brioni, Zegna, Armani, Valentino, Versace etc. I was at a NM Last Call near my sisters last summer and they had some of the more exclusive brands.....Kiton iirc.
Well said Spoo......the world is full of people who became wealthy taking someone elsewhere idea and making it better. And the great thing is if someone likes what you created they'll buy it off you.
I would totally rock these and they would fit. Wouldn't pay a $125 for them though. Wes...PM me if your selling.
Don't get on here much anymore. I see the old thread closed, the new thread is closing in on 3K posts, and I dropped out of the top 20 posters from the old thread. I miss checking things out but I got tired of seeing people post crap and asking what's it worth??? Anyways I hope all my old trading partners are doing good.
Yeah I don't get out as much as I used to...but finds are few and far between as it is,
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