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Also saw the width in the shoe as a A.....can that be correct? The title has M so someone did a cut/paste. A is really freaking narrow though.
seeing this makes me want to go dig mine out of the closet. Back when I was coaching tennis, whenever I was off court I had Birks or Tevas on. After being on court all day your feet want to breathe.
Very nice Woofa. Got to love the Made in England goodness.
Did you see those things? U G L Y. Plus they were XLs and 4.99 each. I can always add them to my wardrobe
Is this legit? My two skeets..... I took the ugliest two with the newer tags.
Out in the field....some guy dropped off his Bugatchi Uomo shirt collection. I know this stuff is overpriced....does it flip like RG sheets?
Alden x3 (bought one pair new but at 20% off)Bruno Magli wingtip - bought new at Off 5th for under $100."AE x 5
You do not need that....can supply you with address to ship to.
Didn't I sell you the first of your models?
If I had the funds I'd drive the 3.5-4 hours to get them.
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