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Thinking that's just old...
Fila hasn't been worth a crap since the 80's when the stuff was made in Italy. Over the past 10-15 years they have released various Hertitage pieces that were reproductions of the old Borg and Vilas jackets, shirts, etc. I'd also say the same for Sergio Tacchini.
Do a search for Denon source/input/selector knob. eBay the go for about $20 shipped or contact Denon. That AVR is it works properly is a beast.
Great basement/garage system. My guess would be you can find on knob on eBay or maybe through Denon.I picked up a pair of Infiniy speakers for my basement system and they sound awesome.
Jamesmskeart....these's no '90's at all in that adidas jacket. That's early to mid '80's.👍
This what happens when you dumb down our educational system and reduce news to the latest sound bite.And don't feel bad for being a white male...that's 8 years of Barry telling you how awful you are...
Darkmatter...that was the dude. I remember him whigging out because he got ripped on for wearing some crazy sneakers with his tux to thing you knew he was quitting college and thriving full time.
What happened that dude? People made fun of his thrift fits then he went all FU and started rolling in insane crap.
Figured but was just checking....
Hope you picked up the tab....if you talked clothes and what he's looking for that's a business expense.
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