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There are. Just thought there might be some other brands of raw denim that I can't get I'm Canada for a decent price while I'm there. Usually us Canadians pay more for that same things especially car parts and electronics.
Anyone know if there are any denim shops near Detroit Michigan? I'm heading there soon and would like to pick up some raw denims
You can always weigh them and find out.
Ok great. I'll check on the GAP ones and I'll pick up some more Unbranded as they are on sale for half price right now in my area.
Thanks. Pure Blue is expensive. I think I'm just going to pick up a couple of extra pairs of N&F, APC, or Unbranded when they go on sale instead.I've already hot soaked all my three pairs of raw denim once before I hemmed it. Would washing it with salt still work or is that for only the first soak?
I'm starting to really like the raw denim now. I actually don't want them to fade. Are there any brands that look like raw denim and are selvege but doesn't lose it fade. I know I can wear them less but I'm just curious if there are any denim like that.
Thats good to know. My APC is tight on the thighs and I was thinking about selling them because of that. After they're stretched out wouldn't they shrink back when you wash them?
Anyone know where I can get 3sixteen in Toronto? I'm looking to get a pair but not sure which size would fit me so. I wear N&F Slim guy dirty fade in size 31 and UB301 in 33. I have APC NS in 31 but the thigh is a little too tight for me. 32 would have fit me better I think.
Yeah I also got APC in 31 and it was tight in the thighs. I wear N&F slim guy in 31 and they fit a lot better. I should have got a 32 instead in NS but hopefully I'll slim 5-10 lbs in 3 months since I'm cutting down from the Holidays. If they still don't fit then I'll try a different brand or try a 32 next time.
Any got any suggestions on how to treat ketchup stains. Got a little tipsy yesterday and spilled a bit of ketchup on my denim. I rinsed it with a little water. Not sure how else to treat it.
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