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Looks awful. Return it. Which AE model do you like best? Since price is a big factor, try save up for a few more months, then buy the pair you really like. I like Strand, McAllister, Delray.
Strand (in merlot) is my favorite. Lots of compliments on my Sanford (in walnut), probably due to its antique-ing.
Strand in merlot is beautiful.
Strand. You can't go wrong with it. Sleek and classic.
Which one is better in quality? Brooks Brothers BFS or Brooks Brothers Makers? Thx.
Quote: Originally Posted by wysiwyg Around how much should I expect to pay a cobbler to put on Vibram or another material? $25 = install vibram, shave the edge, apply edge paint.
Strand 5 Byron 4
No. Cleaner/conditioner is inadequate to take off old layers of wax. Use rubbing alcohol, get a bottle. If you're dealing with expensive shoes, you might want to mix with some water.
Quote: Originally Posted by BostonElitist I recently bought Allen-Edmonds "Bucktown" Shoes. They are really nice. I want to preserve them for a long time. Could I use rolled up fabrics, such as small towelletes, t-shirts, or socks in lieu of a shoe tree? If not, why or why not? How often do you intend to wear it? Better to use shoe trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wes Bourne Who's blobby now?! Thanks Wes for the side-by-side comparison. Except for the wheeling, to me, the Chelsea and PA look almost identical. What's the price difference between them?
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