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I guess I incorrectly assumed that bc they were both sourced from Horween, they would be the same level of quality.Thank you for the input nonetheless.
How does the quality of the Oakstreet trench boot compare with Viberg service boot (for those that own a pair of vibergs)? Considering buying a pair of OSB's trench cap toe or plain, since they are $2-300 cheaper and the leather quality is the same...not sure about comfort tho
What online store did you buy those from?
Received tracking for an MDR, ordered July 16th. Hope this helps ease some anxiety.
Strangely enough, I've emailed Charly a couple times (2x within a 2-3 week span) about the status and he has ignored my emails. I ordered in mid July. Definitely NOT a good look on their part. Gettin nervous.
Pics added!
Got a very rare Acronym E-J1A piece from FW0607 season in size Large for sale. Jacket is made of epic cotton and is in excellent condition as shown in pics. The detachable hood is an Acronym gore-tex hood for better rain resistance. Comes with all tags and bags as shown. This is an extremely rare piece and would make a great addition to any Acronym addict out there. PM me for more pics or with any questions you may have. Asking $970 shipped to your door via Paypal. ...
Got a Flat Head Winter Mixed Flannel Workshirt in size 46 for sale. Shirt is in excellent condition as shown in pics. Bought from Self Edge for $330 and worn 3-4x and has since sat in my closet. Asking $170 shipped to your door via Paypal. PM with any questions. Thanks! Measurements below: Chest = 46 Sleeves = 26.6 Body= 30.7 Pics:
Ordered a lil later in early July and haven't received anything. I understand if delivery is slightly over 20 weeks (estimated time), BUT It's getting a little ridiculous that the wait times were 2x that of estimated.
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