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On your older pair, did you find the vibram sole heels to wear pretty quickly? or are the soles pretty durable?
@Dbear Apparently, the kangaroo leather is the strongest leather per surface area I believe. It is indeed extremely thin on the virgils (which I was concerned about when mine came in last week), but my friend calmed me down and informed me of this since he has a pair that is 5 seasons old that are kangaroo leather and aging strong like a fine wine.
Thanks to all your input from my original post, I decided to pull the trigger on some brown kngr virgils. My question is, since some have told me the vibram sole can tend to wear quite fast, have any of you installed plastic heel guards on your soles to increase the longevity? Is this worthwhile at all to add or should I not even waste my time with them?
Thinking about buying my first pair of KNGR folk Virgils or aged bark Viberg 1930 captoe boots and god I am so torn btw the 2. Both are obviously different in terms of styling, but can anyone comment on the quality of the newer Visvim Virgils and their durability? Anyone have experience with both boots? I would be getting the 2015 line virgils and it somewhat concerns me their footwear is made in China/Korea vs Vibergs (made in Canada). Any insight would be appreciated....
Jacket fits slim, more like a size Large jacket. For reference, I am 5'10 and 187 lbs and this jacket fits perfect. More pics: http://s830.photobucket.com/user/rmchiu87/library/Acronym%20HY-J3S?sort=3&page=1 Asking $485 shipped within the USA (pay via Paypal gift or add 4% for Paypal fees). PM me for international shipping cost. Meetups in San Francisco area are welcomed!
Up for sale is an essentially new pair of custom-made Brown Horween Leather Captoe Trench boots in size 11.5. These boots have only been worn once, as I decided they were slightly too big for me. My loss is your gain! Check the pictures and note that the leather and bottom soles are in excellent condition. These boots are NOT STOCKED regularly on the Oak Street Bootmaker online store and must be custom-ordered. I bought these for $480 ($430 + $50 custom order upcharge...
I guess I incorrectly assumed that bc they were both sourced from Horween, they would be the same level of quality.Thank you for the input nonetheless.
How does the quality of the Oakstreet trench boot compare with Viberg service boot (for those that own a pair of vibergs)? Considering buying a pair of OSB's trench cap toe or plain, since they are $2-300 cheaper and the leather quality is the same...not sure about comfort tho
What online store did you buy those from?
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