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nice jacket. is the hood removable? and does it come in any other colors?
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector University of Toronto seemed pretty fun just from my walk around the area the week before classes started. I wish I had gone there instead of the UC I went to. The main point of college is to study though, not party. If you study a lot, any break will seem more entertaining. Otherwise go to Miami. im a transfer from University of Toronto to one of the UCs, wat up?
Quote: Originally Posted by coreydwsmith Do you know the model name for this jacket? agreed. i want this jack in small black but cant find.
u seem to contradict urself alot lol. which uni?
oh, and in case u're wondering, I found them on superfuture. I don't think they advertise their service on SF...
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM I'll ask again, any proxies in Japan? use sharp service japan. Their website is Just email them at with w/e u want and they usually can work it out for u. I used them twice already to purchase some uniqlo products off the japanese uniqlo site and it was awesome. The fee is 10% and u have to cover paypal fees etc. and they ship everything via EMS which is SUPERFAST but...
too bad no size 26 NS ...
mind posting a fit pic?
wat size are the navy sperrys? oops. size 13?
Should i get this messenger bag or are there better options out there?
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