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Apparently the new 'cool thing' is to hate on dark knight.
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud If only your academic scene was the same... cant have both
oh right.. i was supposed to give you measurements on my AA black cardi lol. u still interested? its been washed once, never worn tho
want my AA zip up hoodie?
I found that Benjamin Button was WAY too long and kinda boring. I only liked the whole backwards growth special effectz
Rev road was intense.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smartalox Saw it, loved it Can't wait for Bush / Stewart Stewart/Bush u mean
simple plan good charlotte evanescence nickelback linkin park now wats your verdict?
if only this was a 3RD LEG messenger bag..
Quote: Originally Posted by blackplatano Slumdog Millionaire is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. I'll say nothing I have seen in a while approaches it, that includes a few movies in this thread. it wasn't that good... it was too predictable and the acting was meh. plus the message was a bit corny. I'd say Dark Knight is the best of 2008. Other than that, There will be blood (i had to read an analysis to fully understand it tho),...
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