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One thing I know is that the DAT is waaay harder than the MCAT
Quote: Originally Posted by TowleY Your profession shouldnt be based off of money. It should be something that you enjoy. Remember you are doing this for the next 30 years of your life. As for which one to choose. Im pretty sure I am going to be choosing dentistry however I am not sure yet. If I choose dentistry, I have my moms boss who is as of right now waiting for me to graduate dental school and sell me the practice dirt cheap (a big practice too). Or...
Medicine for the title and status.
Everything Sold!
shoulder measurement?
Quote: Originally Posted by nate10184 Shanghai isn't on here but I probably would have chosen it because it's such a dynamic place right now. Wurd. How could you forget Shanghai???
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Tokyo of course. quoted for truth.
Quote: Originally Posted by rapdancin if you want a nice touchscreen smartphone look into the sony ericsson xperia or one of the newer htc phones; i think the iphone is overrated but thats me hmmm... I don't think its overrated, but I do agree that is is overpriced. I'm a little worried that if I got the 3g now, the next gen iphone would release before my 2 year contract ends... lol
but I plan on web browsing a lot and imo the iphone completely pwns blackberry in that aspect.
I need a new phone. I want a smart phone. I want iphone. Should I get or should I wait for 3rd gen since its kinda late?
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