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he clearly said size 30 lulz
BNWT Uniqlo T-000 Skinny Fit Tapered grey jeans - size 30 SOLD BNWT Uniqlo navy blue crewneck - size M (japanese) = US size S - Again, too slim for me. Link w/ better picture: - $31 shipped measurements: shoulders: 16'' chest: 19.5'' length (back collar to hem): 25'' has a lotta relatively cheap ones. they are low quality tho.
topman makes nice-looking plimsolls. expensive sh!t though... and sh!t quality. not sure how they size either
without styleforum, nudies would still be cool.
would cop if i had the money
Quote: Originally Posted by stylar What do you guys think of the Pure Black Chengs Plimsolls:$detailmain$ One friend told me they undersized too. Any similar experiences? And what do you guys think about pure black shoes in general - I'm torn on that one? You can get the same ones in china town for 5 bux
Quote: Originally Posted by MJC8719x That is just amazing. Studying for the MCAT was the biggest pain in the ass. With that test though, I think after a certain point, 34-35, your score is more dependent on your inherent test taking ability and luck. Thats comforting. I have to write mine this summer
Quote: Originally Posted by MJC8719x I am at UMich. My friend had a 37MCAT, 3.9 cGPA, and 3.86 sGPA. He also had plenty of volunteering, leadership, and some research eperience. Another friend of mine had a 3.9 sGPA, 3.9 cGPA, and 34 MCAT and was just accepted to NYU and has interviewed at Hopkins, Stanford, Georgetown, and Vanderbuilt. The two best resources for deciding where to apply etc. are probably the MSAR, an admissions book published by...
Quote: Originally Posted by makushin It is pretty easy to get into the DO programs in the US, definitely easier than dental programs. DO = physician. There were 2200 applications for 90 seats at my dental school last year. Essays, LORs, shadowing all required at every dental school I've heard of. Quite frankly I don't care about these type of pissing matchs, but dental school is in fact very difficult to get into these days. Average undergrad...
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