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UO pants are too tight.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhoKnewI Ye. I got them back when the Soho store first opened. They're a great pair of jeans. My friend has the same pair that hes worn for a good 8 months and they look great. They hold their color well. are those the S-001 or w/e?
Whats a jean that fits like APC NSs sized down 3-4 (aka skinny-ish fit) but is not dry denim and perhaps cheaper?
I'm surprised azns arent all over it. apparently this is a more european thing...
WTF is this. A friend recently told me about this sh!t. Apparently Larping originated from a game called dungeon & dragons, which is similar to your typical role playing computer game (like WoW) except it is all LIVE, IN PERSON, and you IMAGINE everything. You basically act out your own character and battle it out with other larpers in the middle of the woods (where no one can see of course) while wearing appropriate armor/costumes/weapons and someone called a "dungeon...
damn. For a second I thought u wanted to form a larping club. I'd def come and watch.
see title. cheap prices only plz
Price drop on crewneck. Please look at links for better pics. My pix don't do them justice!
actually i only want in the raw blue blacks (not the organic) but ye raw..
can you get even steven in size 27? i def interested
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