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Only tried on a couple times. They are a bit wrinkled because I didn't fold them properly but they are new and unworn. Purple one still has tags and green one doesn't. note these were purchased through a proxy from the website. $30 USD each + shipping or best offer the picture with flash is more reflective of the true color please pm me with questions. paypal only.
tried on a couple times but that's it. price is $120 or best offer + shipping. please pm me with questions. paypal only.
$104 USD shipping included to within continental US. brand new. tried on once. anyone interested? will take pics upon request. Anyone know where I can get these frames in the states or a site that ships to the states? ie. Oliver Peoples asian fit frames Thanks.
wtf this is a steal... i bought mine for retail
sent pm
wats with all the hype? video sucks. and she looks like a man just like in her other videos... [edit] +song sucks too
wats the material on the boss jacket? can you provide some closer up pictures? and whats the back length?
no alligators are blue. therefore that bag cant be made out of alligator skin.
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