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Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Some fast pics: Have my doubles stored in a storage closet, so these are only active bottles. Our bar is a corner affair that closes, so I took these out and set them on a piece of furniture to snap pics, I don't leave my booze sitting out.. Never have I seen so much good bourbon in one place.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar The GF just returned from her vacation in Scotland. This what she brought for me: How come the bottle in your picture is different from the bottle on the web site? If I'm not mistaken, the web site bottle says "Blackwood's Vintage Dry Gin" while yours says "Blackwood's 2007 Vintage [unreadable] Gin." Did you get a special batch as opposed to the usual bottling?
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen I also want to know why no one has addressed the comments King Francis has made as they seem to blow out of the water at least some of the assumptions of the article. If I were a more cynical man I would say that herein lies both a question and its answer. Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Did you know that I can name not a single hip "Indy" band and that this fact causes me not...
That's a bad op-ed piece. To highlight just one specious point: Quote: One in 10 black men ages 25 to 29 were imprisoned last year, partly because possession of crack cocaine (disproportionately used in black communities) draws sentences equivalent to having 100 times as much powder cocaine. It's true that federal law distinguishes between crack and powder cocaine, and that crack traffickers are disproportionately black. Yet the relatively small...
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 < $40, Knob Creek, Noah's Mill, Baker's Don't forget the Black Maple Hill small-batch ($32.99 at K&L Wine Merchants).
Quote: Originally Posted by saint Bell's Oberon with dinner. How do you like the Oberon? I'm a big fan of the Two-Hearted Ale but that's the only beer I've had from them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Huge fire 2 min away from my place, the sky looks ablaze. Damn!! I do hope none of your volumes of post-structuralist theory leaped into the flames of their own accord.
Quote: Originally Posted by Psyren I was meaning to post this yesterday but here, the premiere episode (4x01) was leaked. Great episode by the way. http://link.brightcove.com/services/...id=34233159001 Click Menu Click Newest 3rd icon from the right edit : video was removed, watch it on ninjavideo or download it Wow, thanks. Having watched the first ten minutes so far, I feel kind of bad saying this, but the woman in the bathtub...
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie 1. pete isn't interesting imo, you know where he came from, and you know where he is going. the foreshadowing in the series debut is clear as daylight... 'if you don't.... you're going to end up alone in the corner office...' Don, don is a mystery. you only know a little bit about his past, which makes his future, and present interesting. pete is just a whiny little bitch written into the script to give it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 Ive had it on my drive too and couldnt get through 2 songs without putting a switchblade to my wrists. I had it on my ipod for a day and let me tell you, that shit is a downer when working out. Of course it can be a downer, depending partly on your preexisting mood. But that hardly counts as a criticism, does it? That said, I can't listen to him all the time and I would never use his music in the gym.
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