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Already more insight into Dick Whitman's past. Checkered from the start. I got a jolt from the painting in Cooper's office of the infamous Hokusai print.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Take my advice for your first Islay venture: Bunnahabhain. That's the plan, my friend. Strangely it's harder to find on the shelves in my area than Caol Ila, Lagavulin, and many others.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I use it with some frequency. I'm not married but have a baby with my GF. Sometimes I just don't want to say "girlfriend" because it sounds sort of diminutive, and our relationship is very serious, but for our own reasons, we're not presently married. "Partner" seems to be a nice middle word that conveys our situation without inviting too many awkward questions. Sometimes I'll still just call her my wife, though,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur I think I'm gonna finish the bottle tonight since I'm staying in. Bottle of rum = two nights in. Am I an alcoholic? You drank 375 ml of rum each night for two nights in a row? That isn't unheard of, but Jesus. I would never want all those empty calories in one go, to say nothing of the alcohol. Quote: Originally Posted by ama I bought the Laga 16, Laga DE, Cragg DE, Talisker DE,...
Despite the fact that certain aspects of the plot and even certain scenes seemed directly ripped from (or paying homage to) David Cronenberg's The Fly, I found it to be an impressive film with emotional content that is absent from most sci-fi movies. Definitely worth the money. By turns disturbing and thrilling, and sometimes both at once. During the climax, the protagonist's rage and despair seemed utterly real and identifiable.
NT for the complainers
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I actually find the claim "America's only small batch bourbon" very disturbing, and very misleading. I was wondering about that. I don't understand how brands get away with saying things like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Doesn't that essentially cover any alcoholic beverage in existence for you? Boom goes the dynamite!
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Thanks for the recommendation. Does Profil allow more sensation? Short answer: yes, definitely. And as I mentioned, they're contoured to fit more comfortably over the head as well as the shaft. Look 'em up. If you need an online retailer, is a good one.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles On the weekends I am in NY. Besides I don't particularly want to give anyone an STD. Seriously. Attitudes like the OP's -- "who cares, won't ever see that chick again" -- have contributed to making STDs so widespread in the first place. Condoms do suck, but that's a good reason to have a steady (clean) girl, not a good reason to be unsafe with random bar skanks. Try Profil from Sweden. Thin,...
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