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Thanks for the affirmation, VM. I'd be interested to get opinions from you and others as to how I might wear this shirt. Given the collar, I'm not sure a tie is a good bet, though I suppose it could work. So, what, go tieless and unbutton the top button?
Hey guys, I've been lurking for several months, and I guess it's about time to dip my toes in the water. Like coachvu, I just snagged a Turnbull & Asser off eBay -- for $44. White and ivory stripe, French cuff. Maybe someone could estimate its retail price for me. I'm quite pleased with the find, especially since I'm a relative novice at both eBay and thrifting in general. I know some might not like the collar, but as a change from the usual I think it'll work.
For me the price and measurements of the True Religion jeans are right, but how do they fit? They look kind of baggy in the picture, and I prefer/need a slim cut. EDIT: Although wait, you say the waist is actually 31"? I need more of a 29-30". Tell me honestly.
I may be on dangerous ground here, since this is my first post after lurking here for quite some time, and it may drive the discussion further away from matters sartorial, but I want to provide the link to a story I read almost two months ago on the web site of the International Herald Tribune -- certainly not an anti-Europe paper -- about the poor state of many French universities in particular and the French university system in...
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