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Now look, fellows, there's more to women's fashion than little black dresses. For instance, the little blue dress: I want everyone to notice the shoes she's wearing. Aren't they interesting? Because clearly that's why I've posted this image, so we can discuss her shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Yeah... I guess that I have just hung out with a lot of endurance and combat sport athletes, and we all lifted to supplement our other training. And while I knew that we were reasonably athletic compared to most people, I never thought that we were really strong in the sense that we could lift a lot of weight. And looking at that chart, it seems that to a man, we were in the intermediate to elite level in terms of...
Forget the middle man, I've contacted this uncle of yours myself. He agreed to put this sign up: And I've gotta be honest . . . he said you're his least favorite nephew.
Thanks for all the suggestions. thinman: Jonathan has some very attractive ties, but some of them are still too rich for my blood at the moment. I'll definitely keep them in mind, though. I've been to the web site before, but this is the first time I really looked at the ties (strange as that sounds). Manton: The link isn't working. VG, pscolari: Great, I hadn't heard of Altea before. Okay, I apologize in advance for the change of subject, but visiting Four In Hand...
Question from a novitiate. First things first: I'm not a total ignoramus. If I were looking for high-end ties, I would know at least to look for Sulka, Hermès, and Charvet; and perhaps Burberry and Turnbull & Asser. And then of course the Sam Hober ties, which have been on my mind for several months. But although I recently scored a beautiful NWT Sulka for only $5.50 on eBay (see attached picture, which is mostly for bragging purposes), and I do hope to pull the...
Bogart and Cagney:
Oh, sorry. I knew that C&J made the normal Polo shoes, but I was led astray because the Camdens also have "Ralph Lauren Made in England" written on the insole. I'm just starting to actually buy some of these items for myself.
Bush Senior, now, there's a dapper fellow.
I'm a newbie (at least when it comes to posting), and I'm sure the veterans will have more sources for you, but I can recommend Grapevinehill. It's an eBay store that offers EG-made Ralph Lauren shoes at good discounts. Look for Ralph Lauren Purple Label -- though they might be called Ralph Lauren Made in England these days.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I expect desirable styles in common sizes will top the recent $340 BIN fairly easily. Even the slippers seem to be settling in at more than $150. My guess for a popular shoe: $380-$450. I just snagged a pair of black Camdens (by the way, agree with you about the pulchritude of black and metal) for $305.
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