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Peaked lapels can look great, but I generally prefer high-fastening shawl collars on dinner jackets. It's yet another thing that distinguishes formal clothes from business attire. Except for the spot, which as Tomasso suggests may be ruinous (it's hard to say from the picture), I think the jacket looks good. And if I'm not mistaken this one would be better for you in terms of certain measurements (waist perhaps?) than the three-piece suit.
The pattern matching is horrible. To the extent that it does look good, it owes 50% of its success to the model wearing it.
I don't have a motorcycle, but I have a motorcycle jacket; tight T-shirts in black, charcoal, and other colors; tight and/or bootcut jeans; and fitted modern tanktops in black and white. These are some of the cornerstones of my casual streetwear. The jacket is nice because I can also pair it with a sweater in colder weather and it doesn't look out of place. I'm still working on the boots thing. Found a great pair of harness boots at a consignment shop a while back, but...
If I ever had enough money and could source the fabric, I would consider having jeans made from a cotton-wool or cotton-cashmere blend. Winter jeans. They would have to be bespoke simply because I don't know of any RTW jeans like that. Maybe a leather jacket. I don't think I'll ever have one made, but it is one casual item I would, in theory, like to bespeak.
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh Somebody, buy that girl a sandwich She looks fine to me. The only thing that offends me about that story is the criticism of the ad. Undermines gender equality? Give me a break.
Back when 50505 was working, I picked up a 100% Egyptian cotton Lorenzini for $83.17, shipping included. Thanks to SF, I now consider myself in sore need of quality dress shirts. I only have three such, and one of them now has too-short sleeves (thanks to a bad tailoring job). So this was a boon.
My lady friend thinks the way I dress, and the fact that I dress well, is hot. Occasionally we play a game called, "Would You Still Love Me / Do Me If?" The game consists of pointing to some ugly or atrociously attired person and asking the question. The answer is always no; the fun consists in alternately making and watching the horrified expressions that result from viewing the offensive person in question. But we played that game even before I started lurking...
Can anyone give me advice? GVH's reply seems like a form e-mail for the most part; it basically says I could/should send the shoes back and they'll send me a replacement if they have it. But I doubt they do, so if there's any way I can make the buckle on my pair work, I don't want to send them back. I can make a separate topic so as to avoid hijacking this thread, but seriously, I'd just like a response.
Within the last week or so, I got great deals on a pair of Tellmans ($152) and a pair of Camdens ($305) from GVH. The right Tellman shoe has numerous scuffs, but they should buff right out. The problem is the Camdens. The buckle on the left shoe seems to be defective. With each step I take, the pressure of my foot against the upper causes the square buckle to slide slightly out of position. Within a dozen steps or less, the buckle has moved into a diagonal position...
Good Lord.
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