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Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Timothy Everest (+-1K): Everest's new range of fully bespoke denim jeans. For around $1000, your choice of indigo, dark vintage wash, dogtooth or white wash Japanese denim will be cut and stitched in to the best-fitting pair of jeans you're likely to ever own, complete with a hand-written inside label stating your name and measurements. Bumble and bumble, 415 West 13th Street, 8th floor, 212-521-6500. I could...
Pleats look great on many people, but I prefer flat fronts for a more spare, lean, and minimalist appearance. I'm also beginning to seriously consider wearing some trousers with plain waistbands and foregoing both belt and braces, and something tells me pleated fronts would look strange in such a mode.
It's tough to say, because on the one hand I need to reign in my clothes spending in order to pay for other things, like a ski trip I'll be taking with a couple of friends in March. On the other hand, I feel like I've just begun expanding, upgrading, and refining my wardrobe, and it's easier to find holes in it than to find areas I have completely covered. And since I'm young, I'd like to maintain a harmonic balance between businesswear and streetwear, between day and...
I hate pockets on dress shirts, so no, never.
I don't know about loafers, but at night I wear my black RLPL Camdens to good effect with jeans.
Handguns. I'm also really digging the vintage cigarette case with mother-of-pearl top that I was given as an early Christmas gift. I've been using it as a wallet for about a week now, and I've picked up a few compliments. Plus it's thinner than my old leather tri-fold. I'll still use the leather wallet, but I'm liking the case more and more.
I think the proportions are off, not merely within the economy of the jacket itself, but in the jacket's relation to the pants. And why has he buttoned the bottom button?
I think such an ensemble could certainly look bad, but in the picture you've posted, Soph, I like it. Very eye-catching in a good way. The sweater is slightly incongruous, yes, but it helps that it's high quality, and although the suggestion to either lose your tie or replace the silk seven-fold with a wool knit are good, I think it works well as is. Not a look you could sport every day, but a nice change up, justified by the inclement weather. I like it in part because...
I decided I want some too when I saw this thread a week ago (although such a purchase is a long way off for me): Look at these beauties: So I guess you can add C&J Paris to your list of makers.
I would never wear them, but I think they can look good on the aforementioned young girls in miniskirts. An ex-girlfriend had a pair of the boots. She loved them partly because most people thought they were so ugly, but they actually looked pretty cute on her. But she was tall and built like a model, so a lot of things looked better on her than on most people.
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