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Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha isnt he puffys manservant? It appears he's left the manor and has struck out on his own.
Didn't the suit Tom Cruise wore in Collateral have square quarters? I mean, it had a lot of stylistic quirks, but I'm just double-checking; my eyes might have deceived me. It looked pretty odd when I first noticed it, but then I couldn't imagine it having rounded quarters. As for the OP's question, I would definitely go with rounded. I didn't think single-breasted peak lapel jackets usually had that many buttons, though.
Also, that's a two-button jacket.
Not to pile on or anything, but the classic Schott racer is what I currently have my eye on. I've already got a black leather racer, but the quality and construction aren't on the level of the Schott jacket. Still, it was a good buy at the time (when I didn't have much money) -- $225 marked down to $75. Don't know when my finances will allow me to pull the trigger on a Schott; there are some other items higher on my to-buy list at the moment.
A lot of people wear their jacket sleeves too long. A good rule of thumb is that they should end on your wristbones. So either leave yours as they are or shorten them somewhat, like drizzt said. Definitely don't elongate them. If the shirt wasn't too short in the sleeves, we would be able to see 0.5-1.0" of shirt cuff, which is proper. EDIT: j beat me to it.
Eric, good choice. Gladhatter, good riddance.
Like mack said, alpaca is naturally quite fuzzy. But if you've got some excess that you'd like removed, buy a package of cheap disposable single-blade razors and go to work on the garment.
The suit is badly overpriced, especially when you take the cost of alterations into account. Eric, if it's possible, return the suit and look for something either less expensive but of similar quality or something of similar price but higher quality. There's no reason to spend $300+ on that thing. And don't listen to Gladhatter. He's a recently joined member who is known for his incoherence and logorrhea.
I have no idea, but those are pretty sweet, and I like that the smaller size of the one half makes sense in terms of the snake design.
Although I like some Italian shoes, I'm personally not a fan of that particular pair. I wouldn't buy them even for $275. That said, if the styling is what you're after, I don't see that you have much of a choice.
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