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Quote: Originally Posted by Mauby I can't look at the girl and not think of her as the little girl from Remember the Titans in an older, bangable form. Same here.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy And I think if we had a poll of ordinary Americans and asked them if they were "living like Kings" on a 250,000 income, they would overwhelmingly say yes. If anything, I think the pushback on my statement reveals how out of touch some people here may be. Hey, $250,000 sounds great to me too, especially as a single guy. But the point was already made in this thread that what most "ordinary Americans" imagine...
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Possibly - but I think I think you're missing the skew created by this forum - which is a forum called styleforum and involving arguments about $7,500 suits and $1,500 shoes by a lot of people living in expensive urban areas. Way to devote a single word to an admission that Piobaire may be right on this issue. Obviously those prices for suits and shoes are sky-high, but I'm willing to bet that many of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by briancl I think this thread is going about it backwards. You don't say that "if you can afford to save money and put your kids through college, you are middle class." The middle class is the 25-75% chunk of Americans, regardless of their income, ability to save or have a house. The point of many politicians harping on the middle class is that the 25-75% chunk of Americans used to be able to save money and put their kids...
This is bad, and I'm glad it's been taken down from the web site. Next up, maybe all the "Abort Sarah Palin" stickers will be removed from cars. I'm sick of this shit from both sides. The self-righteous comments on that post are ridiculous, although the top poster has a good name: Bilbo Hussein Baggins.
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Right now the Bloc is "leading or elected" in 50 ridings. While the "arts debacle" was the most sensational aspect of the campaign in Quebec, their showing is symptomatic of a greater malaise in Canadian Federal politics as a whole -- it is more and more difficult for parties to credibly present themselves as national entities. Sad, really. This, it seems to me, is a major problem with a multiple-party system.
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy To some extent, you're arguing for regulations, and even worse, arguing for regulations with no evidence of problems. Aren't you a staunch Democrat?
Quote: Originally Posted by james nicolas also, for everyone else, there's 3 days left to place and pay for an order with decreasing interest every run i may stop the service after this or the next order unless things pick up it's just not worth it to place an order of 3 items for only one person I'd like to order, but it can't be till after this Friday. Can you get hats at wholesale prices?
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby "Well what if the other guy is pretending it's a girl too?" "How's he gonna do that with a dick in his mouth?" Hahah. I also liked Charlie's hunger for beans, and Dennis's refusal to burn the duster.
Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne That it is very good? In terms of taxpayer protection, partial nationalization like the UK (and later one the rest of Europe) is planning is much more efficient than the Paulson plan with its insanely complex set of rules designed to recoup some of the cost. Just to clarify, I was asking an honest question, not being sarcastic. I wanted to hear from knowledgeable people the pros and cons of such a plan, and...
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