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Sometimes one forgets where blackplatano stands on these important issues. Then he writes another CE post and it all comes roaring back.
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Holy crap that has to be photoshopped. She's got bigger arms than Nadal! Definitely Photoshopped. I like Cibulkova for her spunk and diminutive stature. Roger all the way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Manx Gaelic is a fascinating language. I agree and would like to learn it some day. For a while when I was a kid my family had a very pretty female stubbin, a tail-less Manx cat, for a pet.
The dance scene actually put a smile on my face. They seemed genuinely to be enjoying themselves (at least she was). And it was fun to watch the performance. Normally Campbell annoys the hell out of me. The three characters who most rub me the wrong way are Campbell, Kinsey, and Joan. But they do add to the show. That quasi-Commie who was shamelessly hitting on Peggy is pretty obnoxious too. Don spent a good portion of the party casting an amused, paternal gaze on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma The author presented one as a cover for the other, you know the old cloak and dagger/conspiracy thing. I'm sure it feels good to pick and choose but that crap article was pretty clear, glad you disagree with its premise. The paragraph of the article quoted in the OP doesn't strike me as stating a causal link. He didn't say or imply that because one liberty is expanding, others are contracting. I read "has...
Quote: Originally Posted by Soth I don't have a clue as to what EVOO is but it sounds nasty [. . .] I use extra virgine [sic] olive oil Hmm.
Quote: Originally Posted by Irond Will People with exotic gender identity situations probably already have enough problems. It feels to me kind of like picking on the disabled, crazy or retarded. It's maybe the thing I like least about certain flavors of conservative culture - their glee at finding some obscure or vulnerable minority and hacking away at them. But this made me LOL: Quote: Mr./Ms. Coyote was recently detained at...
Revolutions do give ordinary people license for extraordinary violence in the name of a cause, so that's a plus. But they also tend to be disruptive of my quiet time, so that's a minus. It's a toss up is what it is.
You know which Crown dependency I've always liked? The Isle of Man.
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Wouldn't a more appropriate "FAIL" be for the cultures that were conquered in the first place? Seriously. The aborigines hadn't even developed agriculture yet and their death rate from intertribal warfare was around 40%. What the fuck were Euros supposed to do? Declare the entire Western Hemisphere some sort of nature preserve (in spite of the thousands of animal species wiped out by the natives)? Sigh....
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