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Campari on the rocks. O the sweetbitterness.
Quote: Originally Posted by pharrow59 no love for Ip Man? Much love.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson the Fear Factor one with the crackhead. "You might not know this about me, Joe Rogan, but I smoke rocks" Hell yes.
Christ, I tried to watch the first episode of the third season (after watching the first two seasons a year ago, and asking myself at several points why the hell I was bothering), but after the naked jackass dove out the window I had to shut it off. The distinctive feature of this show seems to be involving the characters in situations at which the viewing audience is supposed to laugh, but which instead make me feel contempt for humanity.
Pio, try The Walkmen and Gliss (two separate bands). For the former, start with "The Rat." For the latter, maybe "Morning Light" or "Anybody Inside." I can hook you up if necessary. I can't promise you'll like them, since your original post was pretty vague, but they make some quality music.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama I bought the Weller and Handy also, haven't opened them yet though. The ER 17 will be on the shelves for a while, its always the last to go and the Saz 18 has been getting worse and worse (its being vatted in steel now and is losing its zip) so I'm in no real rush to pick that one up after last year's disappointment. I had heard the Collection wouldn't be in stores until mid or late October; I was surprised to...
Drinking a Ruination IPA with a sandwich of pan-fried tuna and aged white Vermont cheddar. Quote: Originally Posted by ama George T. Stagg 2009 Edition - incredible I'm jealous. Have you tried any of the other offerings from the 2009 Antique Collection? My favorite local store has only the Eagle Rare 17 in stock (which is a prize in and of itself).
I had no idea who Erin Sanders was until seeing this episode (which isn't surprising, since she's only eighteen), but man would I like to have a "go 'round" with her. She played the girl with the phenobarbital. Great, depressing episode. It will be interesting to see whether Betty allows herself to begin an affair with Francis.
Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill" is the classic "everything is going to be all right from now on" song. This mistake of a thread seems like a good place to remind us all of that simple truth.
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