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Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie It's kind of like Lost. I have to know how it ends. I feel for you. But come on, even the creator was dying to get away from it.
Quote: Originally Posted by origenesprit SOMEONE ELSE WATCHED HUSTLE? YES! Really enjoyed that show. Saw it first on AMC when they imported it, then caught up on all the BBC seasons in order. I even watched the season when Mickey wasn't around. When I saw Jaime Murray on Dexter I was psyched, and when she got naked . . . My sister-in-law just recently watched season two, and told me that Lila fits the profile of someone I would fall for. On...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pennglock Love each one of these albums. You, sir, have great taste. Nice to find another Carissa's Wierd fan here; even people well-acquainted with music in general and indie rock in particular tend to furrow their brows when I mention them. They really deserve much more posthumous attention. And reissues of the first two studio albums.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dedalus Lightning Bolt I had Lightning Bolt on my radar for a long time before finally picking up Wonderful Rainbow and giving it a listen. Now I have to give this a big +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I think Girls does the same thing 100x better. The nail, you've hit it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jumbie On a whim, I decided to check Amazon to see if there was a release date and looks like it came out a few days ago. Despite my disappointment in finding out that Jordan had died and someone else was going to complete the series, from perusing a couple of the comments it seems like the chosen author has done a good job. Couple people did mention that he fell short...
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Spine-tingling stuff. Your post inspired me finally to obtain this album, about which I had heard only good things. Thank you. This is immense. Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Ok people, one more time: If the image of the album cover doesn't have a name and title, write it out. I don't know what fucking band goes with half of those CD covers. Its like I'm teaching in an ESE classroom...
Carissa's Wierd, Songs About Leaving Burial, Untrue Broken Social Scene, Broken Social Scene Scott Walker, 4 All absolutely brilliant in their own ways.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing The Fall Television Quote: Originally Posted by dusty Think I'm going to go with Swans here Excellent picks, even though the only album I own by The Fall is The Frenz Experiment. I would add Scott Walker, Will Oldham (aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Palace Brothers, et al.), and Richard Thompson to the Good list. Maybe Nick Drake as well. None of them are bands, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 I never doubted this. Christina Hendricks "IRL" is a bit more "exotic" looking than January Jones. But when I think January Jones I think Betty Draper and I think hot and basket case. This all makes me . Plus I will almost always choose skinnier versus larger. E-fucking-xactly.
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