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Quote: Originally Posted by SField Re-reading: God is Not Great by Hitchens. On women and food, you're one of my favorite posters, but that book is trash. Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface I'm not particularly bothered by the grimness or the unwaveringly graphic violence; in fact, those scenes almost always end up leaving me cold (Someone told me I must be really fucking jaded). The problem I have with the book is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman If you have never had Campari before, it can be a bit of a shock. It is very bitter. Straight, it's incredible, and I know many who simply cannot drink it, in any quantity, mixed no matter how -- it's like grapefruit pith. But I do not find that a Negroni ought to be undrinkably bitter. It's simple enough, 1:1:1 Campari, Sweet Vermouth (not Antica, though), and Gin. Hard to mess up -- so perhaps you are not a Campari...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField I know it's now more in vogue to take it in a snifter, but honestly I have always liked scotch out of a nice crystal tumbler with some heft. A snifter just feels a little faggy. What do ya'll think? This. Mine have rolled rims, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire There were three 23 y/o's on the shelf, but I only bought this: Nice, nice choice. I look forward to hearing your reaction once your cold has passed. More people should explore the world of bourbon beyond Knob Creek and Woodford Reserve. If they can afford to do so, that is.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Ugh, gotta love summer colds.. You will love that PVW. I scored some massive Van Winkle stash for my bunker in Memphis, including a rye. I may be inspired enough to post some bourbon pr0n next weekend.. I will drink vicariously through your pictures.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Hmmmm....and I thought I had it bad. Martin Miller is English, and I would encourage you to try it if you can create an opportunity. The Westbourne strength is particularly notable. I adore Junipero, but as that's from San Francisco, can imagine it being an issue for you. That truly was a beautiful haul you made recently. I was going to ask whether you prefer the regular Martin Miller or the Westbourne...
Really great sitcom, one of the few shows I watch consistently. "Arrivederci, Fiero" was a great episode. The episode with Barney on The Price is Right was brilliant. Same with "Slap Bet." And like the best sitcoms, it gets better with time thanks to recurring elements, running jokes. A perfect example was "Murder Train" being played in the background when Ted fought with the goat, just as it was during the flashback of Marshall fighting with his brothers. Ted is an...
"Shelter From the Storm" is a major favorite of mine. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it. "I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form . . . 'Come in,' she said, 'I'll give you shelter from the storm.' " Maybe it's because the woman-as-oasis theme strikes a chord with me.
Quote: Originally Posted by blackjack Dey is some scary-lookin' bitches! No wonder he cheated: he couldn't stand to look at any single one of them for more than ten consecutive minutes.
Nothing right now, but earlier tonight it was Campari on the rocks.
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