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I saw Hesher at a film festival. Loved it. A screwball black comedy/drama/coming-of-age story starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, and Natalie Portman. Very funny and intense. Somehow both vulgar and touching.
I'm enjoying The Killing quite a lot so far. Enough that I'm beginning to think AMC can do no wrong with its original series. Except that I'm unhappy with the cancellation of Rubicon, which, though glacial in its pace, was very much my cup of tea. Any thoughts on the ex-vice cop's cash winnings? Or the people whose mailbox he put the cash into? I'm sure I wasn't the only one who noticed a child playing inside the house. Some people take issue with what they perceive...
This was a pretty amazing season. The fact that we now expect Breaking Bad to be this good consistently is an indicator of what a fantastic show it truly is. The finale was intense, and more than that. The peek into Gale's world -- the way his apartment and his lifestyle told you everything about him -- was done very well. And, likewise, the vision of a brash young Walt was revealing. Could he be overcompensating as a meth cooker for his lifelong inability to earn as he...
I actually wanted Murray to win this one, especially after watching him take Nadal and Cilic to school by playing more aggressively (love his crazy shots as well), but Federer is still godlike. And Murray gave it away after serving at 5-3 in the third set. Would have been interesting to see how it played out if he had been able to maintain that early third-set momentum and take it into a fourth. Hopefully this won't be the last major final between my two favorite players.
Quote: Originally Posted by ama Its amazing, but ya'll still have to try William Larue Weller, its up there with Stagg. Any bottles of Weller left in your area? There aren't any down here.
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Good for you. Hands down, my favorite of all bourbons. Like it better than anything else I've had. I know what you mean. The friend I was drinking with, who used to like bourbon better than scotch until developing a greater appreciation for the latter, told me that drinking Stagg was like falling in love with bourbon all over again.
Verily I say unto you that at long last I have partaken of the 2009 George T. Stagg. And lo, it is good. Nay, better than good. Divine.
For now: Delete. For the future: Drink less and develop better judgement about whose numbers you pull. Then, even if you suffer memory loss, you can rest easy in the knowledge that it will be a hot girl on the other end of the line. Sample question to ask yourself before putting a new number in your phone: "Does this number belong to a fat black woman?"
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 I did, and it's quite good. I actually could see myself drinking this like a sipping whiskey. Very nice, and good recommendation, so thanks!! All your base are belong to Zaya.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara One plus here: Tina Turner will make an appearance and do a few numbers during one of the final eps. Maybe Oprah will take Tina down with her.
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