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They are really small for a 32. I'm a true 32 and they are too small for me. If you'd like I can post up measurements (or if anyone wants measurements for anything I'll do that too)! ED: Thanks for the heads up, I haven't been around for a while. Hopefully it's not a big deal since it a few minutes after and all. If it is I'll drop already (fire sale fire sale)
Hi SF long time no talk. I have some items for sale, all priced with shipping to CONUS. I have bought and sold from and to people here before, if you want names pm me. All pictures at this cute imgur album HERE: 1. MMM Hightops - white, size 43. Just too cool for me. Bought them for retail. Worn maybe 12 times - minor scuffing as you can see in the pic. I really don't know how to price these so lets start at $1500. (Just kidding. Let's start...
Yeah, I think I'll probably just throw them up in bs soon. I've had them almost a year now and only even tried to wear them maybe a half dozen times, it was probably not meant to be
Quote: Originally Posted by connor just the edge is under the cuff, i think it has more to do with him just not having his tongue pulled up... pharmacist my real issue with that whole thing is its a real slim shirt and a slim shoe profile with a comparitavly full cut pair of pants Yeah I think the consensus is that if I do want to keep these I'll have to work the proportions out, which is fair enough
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil Stop that. If you're going to tuck hightops, embrace them fully. They look blobby and shapeless in your fit pic compared to sq's. The thing with the MMM highs are that the tongues on these (the first version) are really really fat, if I remember correctly, the newer versions like SQ's are thinner (though maybe not)? Anyway, I'm rather short, so tucking with the tongue flying free probably wouldn't look too...
That, and I have the tendency to push them down into the shoe a bit when I'm wearing them
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid OMG are those Lanvins? I love that fit if they are... if not, decent fit but go w/some low tops. Def don't like the cuff over the sneakers, it looks like when two people are walking towards each other and neither knows whether to go left or right In this case they walked into each other and are now making love. Seriously though: Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol those sneakers...
Abandoned the summer sweatshorts uniform today as I am actually doing something
Clearly he should ask Men's Clothing.
Quote: Originally Posted by kingxxxman with all your useless comments, you could have posted the link. thanks for wasting everyone's time. One bad turn deserves another.
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