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I used to be an avid cigar smoker and am now giving it up and selling my collection. All these cigars were purchased between 2007 and 2011 and have been stored in my humidor at 65-70% humidity since. The majority are from 2010. Includes some very hard-to-find cigars, like the RA Grandes 2008 exclusive to Spain. Simon Bolivar gold medal (2007) - 5x Ramon Allones grandes exclusivo espaƱa 2008 - 9x Cuaba divinos - 13x Punch punch 5x Cohiba siglo V - 1x Cohiba siglo III -...
Given the enthusiasm for bicycle sharing, I'm surprised that folding bikes aren't more popular in cities. They have major advantages for urban commuters over both full-frame bicycles (can be carried inside to prevent theft, don't take up a lot of space in the office or home) and shared bikes (no 45-minute time limit, no need to find a station to pick up/drop off, faster and lighter). They're the best of both worlds.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN It's called leading by example. When you're the prizefighting kingpin like Floyd, you have the power to make improvements in the sport. People are more willing to follow those at the top. Hahaha.
Not really, he was a typical nouveau-riche imbecile. My favourite part was his use of fleur de sel ($10 a pot, what a steal!) to salt meat for roasting.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Perma-?
There is a difference between the people you pursue at the bar so you can have fun for a night and the people you decide to make a life with. Inability to distinguish between the two explains a lot about the MS/AB/tomgirl phenomenon.
Didn't Canada win this thing a few years ago? Not that anybody cared.
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Where do you live currently? I could see it being an issue if you don't get a few gigs included with your data plan. The carriers here in the USA are playing us for fools, IMO. They are all taking us down to 2gig caps (luckily I am grandfathered in on ATT's "unlimited) while claiming it's no big deal because the average user doesn't get close to that amount of data a month. Sure for now. What about in a few years...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I really don't see how 1000 pages of pollitical/tactical plot twists and titties could sustain my interest but then the only fantasy I like is punk-rock like Elric. Seeing the gore, sex and stupid shenanigans though makes it really fun, I love that show. You obviously haven't been reading the right trilogies.
Don't those of you who are following along in the books as you watch the series get bored? I remember trying to read Patrick Suskind's Das Parfum after seeing the movie adaptation and giving up after 50 pages because everything was exactly the same; no surprises left.
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