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Bump for remade suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr.K The jacket looks like it is too tight and not long enuogh. It looks strange with so much waist suppression. The shirt looks too big in my opinion for a slim fit. It needs to fit better in the waist area. Some darts would help with the extra material in the back area. What do you mean by this?
Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life Jacket looks too tight and short. Pants look too baggy and there is something funky going on with them, although I can't quite place what it is. It looks like the thighs are 2x as wide as the hem. Don't shoot me for this comment, but I'm not sure if a slim fit suit is the best idea for you. From your measurements: 5'4" 140 lbs, 36.5 chest - 34.5 waist. I don't want to be discouraging but slim fit suits...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum That should be about the right length for someone your height, maybe 0.5" shorter than the usual, but certainly not as short as it looks. Do you have a tape-measure? Can you measure the actual length of the jacket from the base of the collar to the hem? I can't see how that jacket can possibly be 27.5" long unless you're much taller than you say you are. Maybe they took the measurement to mean from the top of...
Thanks for your help and honest opinions. You guys are brutally honest! It was an online order and I will have do a remake. Here are submitted measurements: * Height:5.4 * Weight:140 * Shoulders:Normal Shoulders * Chest:Regular Chest * Stomach:Average Stomach * Posture:Hunched Posture * Your Suit Jacket/Shirt Fit * Neck:15.75" * Chest Size:36.5" * Shoulder Size:18" * Stomach size:32" * Sleeves Length:22.75" * Jacket...
UPDATE: Mar. 2 Here is my remade suit. How does it look like now?? Any comments welcome. Don't mind the color in the first pic, picture was overexposed.
So what skin colour is good for a black suit??
forgot to mention but im looking for ties.
I am located in Canada Especially looking for the Hermes Chicken and Egg one! Please have pics ready
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Yeah, you are too cheap in a world where Armani ties go for $4,000! If an Armani tie can be priced at $4,000, then an Hermes tie should fetch about $7,000. All you'd have to do is sell 2 or 3 a month and life would be sweet. And a lot less work photographing and listing of your ties. Remember, I offered you the patented MBP ( Mullet Business Plan ) for free.
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