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Streetwear is more casual, so matching belts with shoes isnt that big of a deal.
I say buy ONE good raw denim. It is worth it. You will have to wear it everyday and and you HAVE to wear it to break it in and achieve the fading anyway. For the other stuff, eBay/thriftstores are really good. H&M's pressence in the west coast is sparse so I got no experience with them. But we do have Buffalo exchange here in the west coast. I figured most big cities have these kinds of second hand/buy-sell-trade kinda stores. I get most of my shirts from them.
Hi guys, i'm looking to buy me a new APC soon, and I would like to know the slimmest cut available. I'm a skinny guy so I don't think I'll have to worry about my boys being hugged too much. I've heard of the new cures but I can't seem to find them from the official english(American) website. And oh, I would also appreciate where to get the APCs, thanks! As for my fit, I fit pretty nicely in 28 nudie slim kim but I could go slimmer. I don't really care about lenght because...
They're gonna hate it
I wanna second funlsoul! Thanks! I just about climaxed when I saw all the extensive topics! *multiple orgasms*
Thanks for the feedback on the Mark Nason Ciprianis. I like some of the boots I see being suggested and I do not doubt that they will last for decades. The only problem I have with them is that they look, well, a bit boring. To me anyway. I'm sure they more than satisfy the aesthetics of the majority here, and I do like the subtle details and my tastes will probably change over the years and grow to love them as much some of you do. So I guess I am indeed paying for the...
Is it okay to post my own shoe inquiries here? Just yell at me if I'm not welcome. Anyway, I just bought these Mark Nassons, mainly because for the look. http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/7145952/c/25313.html I wish these came in a more caramel/golden color since that shade really goes well with my slim kims. From what I'm reading, Mark Nasons gotten mixed review from you guys. I did read up on the reviews on Zappos and almost everyone seems to like the quality so I guess I'll...
Her lizard back plating is showing up!!!!!
They look really cool up close, but on the wearer, not so much. Maybe its just the white. I hate white shoes.
Or perhaps, you are basically just paying for the name and the capability to wear such a status symbol? Don't get me wrong, there are high quality denim out there, but guy the sounds like the typical superficial fashion person that is more concerned about hype first. And those RL jeans are just ridiculously priced. You can get a better looking one for a third of the sale price, and you don't have to even look too hard. Are they trying to price out us meer commonfolk? Oh...
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