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What about McPhee?
I would have thought Nicholson more of a President than GM, but he would be a very strong addition no matter what role. Linden as President is a good move as it appeases the masses with the most popular player in franchise history. It also plays to his strengths on the corporate side of a hockey team. I also hear Ron Hextall and Jim Benning being being talked about.
They have announced Trevor Linden as President of the Canucks. Wonder who he gets as GM?
its probably more like a hockey thing to do when you consider Clarke, Neely, Yzerman, Nieuwendyk all immediately come to mind south of the border
Most people in Van are good with the move, some worried that means Torts stays. Not sure as I hope the new President/GM have full power to re-assess everything including coach. Of course the mood soured a bit when the name Jay Feaster started trending...this is not 2004
And so it begins in Vancouver. Gillis fired...who's next or who comes in? Linden getting grilled on morning news when he is trying to promote his fitness club ventures...
Totally stoked about today...I just know that 5th rounder in 2015 we got today will take us to the promised land....
Well you got your wish. Halak is a Cap.
Wow, so Lou finally gets his Florida trade. So who starts him or Thomas??
The intensity of the rivalry between Canada and USA on the women's side is crazy - they truly hate each other. This game was nice but only a Gold means anything to either of these nations. Price vs Norway Luongo vs Austria Then Babcock decides who deserves the Finland game. That guy has the net until he gives it up appears to be the consensus.
New Posts  All Forums: