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Intresting article in Forbes about watches worn at the Oscars. When watching the show I noticed the red gold of Bradley Cooper's watch and the AP on the clasp when Neil Patrick Harris was showing his predictions envelope.
In the immediate aftermath, emotions were shock at such a risky play. Even anger that we "threw" it away. In retrospect you can look at every big play in football and there is an element of brilliance and stupidity in the decisions. Just depends on the outcome. If Lockette catches, we describe this as a ballsy play avoiding the obvious rush defence and exploiting a rookie DB. Biggest play was probably Lane going down with an injury because it is conceivable at least...
Possibly. Giovinco is still in his prime and a huge pay raise is hard to resist. I figure he thinks he has not much to lose as he is depth only at Juve.
It sounds like Giovinco to TFC in the summer is done.
Well my brilliant analysis of why Messi will beat Ronaldo for Ballon d'Or this year was a tad off...
Maybe ISIS hacked the FIFA XI voting too....Luiz??
Well that was a kicking clinic out there last night......
Threw the Neuer ahead of Ronaldo to wake you from your winter slumber I still think Messi will edge out Ronaldo as he had a much better year than last and Ronaldo while outstanding was a tad less out of this world as he was a year ago. Plus whether we agreed on the decision or not, his Golden Ball at the WC will infuence voters I think. Glad Neuer got in the final three, he is a lot of fun to watch play as "sweeper".
Well the NFC West just took an interesting turn these last two weeks. Should be a fun finish.
My prediction. 1. Messi 2. Neuer 3. Ronaldo ...discuss
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