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@RedLantern - no kidding, we saw a couple glimpses last year like that little kick off return.... Liking the depth at receiving and rushing this year, unless they lose focus/get cocky his team looks better than last year in many ways.
Okay, predictions for the Super Bowl? Called SEA-DEN this time last year Love my 'Hawks so want to see them do it again and I think they will.
Oh don't get me wrong, I love Javier and agree he is all heart and has played great. I think the team is strengthened with him in his natural role and two natural CB behind him. Overall that is a stronger defensive unit. And yes, we need a healthy comeback year for Messi and hopefully he and Neymar and the one who I will not name can click better.
I think we agree Lasbar. Bartra is still young so I will give him some time to prove himself, like Boateng was only 22 at City. Hence bringing in Vermaelen and/or Boateng or someone else will allow them to put Mascherano back in as a defensive midfielder as opposed to relying on him as our best CB.
In central defence? Who? That is their weakest area, even their fullbacks are suspect at actual defending. Bartra has potential but has not played much so some depth would help.Boateng is not the greatest but would represent a bit of an upgrade nonetheless.
Well if this Vermaelen deal goes through then I can say Barca have taken addressing their lacklustre defending seriously. Nice upgrade and if this Boateng rumours are correct that would be quite the improvement to the backline.
So using the standard formula, that means over 3 million knock offs were sold in the same time period.
Yes, the 10th place medal syndrome.... The system is based on the European model in that at younger ages (under 12) the focus is on skill development and not games or caring too much about the outcome. In Europe formal games often come at a later age and are fewer in relation to training sessions. In Canada all we really did was same game/training ratio - same lack of focus on skills, over emphasis on buidling a team & strategy to win on Saturday - but lets not keep...
@romafan - see you guys got some inspiration from Cagliari's away kit - couldn't resist. @MrGimpy - ya that was in Ontario if I recall. The sentiment to develop skill first and outcomes second is totally spot on. eliminating scores was unnecessary and distracted from the real issue so it is a disaster all around. The core of the problem in Canada is that we put together kids teams to win games and not focus on skill development. At the ages of 4-10 that is complete...
I am pretty "tribal" when it comes to my football allegiances. MLS - Vancouver Whitecaps (birthplace and current home) Serie A - Calgiari Calcio (parents hometown) Juventus (relative worked for club, distant relative played there) La Liga - Barcelona (family tree goes back to Catalonia) non-tribal: EPL - Spurs - chose them in the 1981 FA Cup which was one of the first live broadcasts of the event on regular TV in Canada. SPL - Celtic - had a childhood aquaintance...
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