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i need a natural leather belt for my my ps. i have a size 28 and a 1 1/2 belt is too thick/wide/big for them. any suggestions? (i know its supposed to be on the 3rd hole, just showing how big the belt is compared to the front)
which one slimmer? the tasmanian wool blended flat front pants or the wool blended flat front pants? or do they offer slim wool blended pants that are close to t000s or something that fits similar ?
im sorry but i never really tried rugby or ralph lauren in general, but im trying to get the shetland shawl cardigan, im usually an xs or s in brands, would you guys say that the sizing measurement on the website is accurate? or does anyone have measurements for xs and small
maybe he means something that he can wear when he doesnt care about what hes wearingthey dont have xs in the slim oxfords -__- small in oxfords have the same measurements as xs in the normal oxfords. omg now theyre out of smallonline store making me buy things i wouldnt buy when suddenlee was the only option of purchasing wtf
noob question, whats the difference between lambswool and extra fine merino sweaters, i just want to layer above a button down, dont want them to be super thick, also what are the good flannel colors everythings already low in stock fuak
im looking for dress shirts mainly in white, pink and light blue, are the FINE POPLIN LONG SLEEVE SHIRT the one im looking for? or are there better ones?
is this worth the 129.90 price tag or should i wait for a sale?
long ass list promotion from 10/8 - 10/21 Item Code Description Cur Retail 070687 Wool blended jacket 79.90 070824 Tasmanian wool blended jacket (set up)+E 99.90 070825 Tasmanian wool blended slim fit jacket+E 99.90 070940 Premium linen jacket 29.90 071386 Premium linen slim fit jacket 29.90 073167 Wool jacket(set up)+E (Carryover/premium) 99.90 073168 Velvet jacket+E 99.90 073765 UU Body warm lite Padded jacket+ 99.90 073938 UU Wool blended jacket+ 99.90 071384 Blocktech...
has anyone seen suddenlee people in action at uniqlo? taking everything they see aha what fits skinnier the perfect shape cargoes or the slim fit chino flat front pants?
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