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Usually scotch: Either Pinch (blended) or Glenmorangie (single malt) If no hard liquor is available then it's red wine (Zin or Pinot Noir, preferably)
Razor: Merkur Slant although I have a Barber Pole and an Adjustable Slim I've been mixing in and out. Cream: Lately I've been using Truefitt & Hill Grafton but I also like TOBS Eton College Brush: Just got a Kent BK4 and that may push out my C&E BBB as the go to Blade: Alternating between Derby and Feather I'm also exfoliating every other day with Nivea.
I exfoliate every other day once I step in the shower, clean up everywhere else, and then shave in the shower. I finish with a cold-water rinse and once out I use Nivea Revitalizing cream. I don't get much burn, there is no fragrance and I then move on to putting on whatever fragrance I'm wearing for the day.
Quote: Originally Posted by 8-Ball I don't know man, I don't mean it in such a negative way. I'm decent looking, intelligent, classy, and make good money so in a lot of ways I bring more to the table than most guys, it's just more on a superficial level. Therein lies your issue. Meeting "on the street" almost mandatorily implies that the first interactions are going to be based on something less than permanent or something less than one's...
You may also want to look at some of the social networking sites. I know yelp.com maintains a pretty active social calendar, at least here in Houston.
I have a 42" Aquos and it's been great. I researched the shit out out of them before buying. I am building a house and looking at either the 52" Samsung Series 7 or another Sharp. Both look terrific.
Well, as someone who has had a very wonderful experience being married for seven years now to a successful, beautiful woman I met on a paid dating site, I can tell you why it worked for me: 1. I was slightly above your age and was very focused on my career as well. I was never into the bar scene and didn't have many friends outside of work. 2. I was looking for someone with fairly specific emotional and intellectual capacities. There was no way I was going to find...
Thanks to the better half, I now have all three. I got the Clifton for Christmas and this is how I'm planning on wearing it. I guess a white shirt but I am open to suggestions.... http://picasaweb.google.com/bg74000/...07586486634274
Quote: Originally Posted by Lino I'm considering a couple of AE shoe options. The same model in tan and/or brown. My wife thinks the tan is "a lot of shoe", meaning she thinks it may be a bit loud, I tend to disagree. Opinions? There is also the question of what goes with a tan shoe? I would think they would work well dressed down with jeans and a jacket, with a navy suit (particularly in a linen or cotton summer fabric), or with biz-casual (cotton...
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc Thanks and you're welcome. Feel free to mention what you like/don't like of what you are sampling and those of us who post regularly on these threads will be happy to make more recommendations or comments. Cheers and welcome to the forum! Also, I'll have some extra decant bottles left over from making up some Xmas presents, so if you see anything here that you want to try, just PM...
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