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OK, checked the PM, $105 + postage. To use the Canada Post site, I need dimensions of the parcel
What would the postage be to Sydney, Australia, as I am interested in the trousers
Interested PM sent
Last Train home - story of migrant workers in China Buck - Inspiration for the Horse Whisperer
PM sent to purchase
Money sent for Brown Cashmere
What are the measurements on Jacket 3? Thanks
Try this link http://www.markowski-chausseur.fr/fi...Cfont%20color= Eur 225
Rabbit Proof Fence, Whale Rider, Once were Warriors
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta You're FUCKING KIDDING ME NEW ZEALAND. Fuck you so much. If it isn't the All Black beating the Wallabies it is this shit. I hate your entire god damned country. Have fun fucking your sheep. Thanks this made me laugh out loud!!
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