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I think someone else briefly mentioned but how is the quality of their leather boots? I know they aren't likely to be the most durable boots ever made but are they fairly well constricted? Obviously a lot of the price goes into the label and the design, but thinking of buying a pair and hope they are somewhat durable
Thank you! I do plan on wearing with a solid white shirt.
Was hoping someone could help me I have not previously owned a pocket square I plan on wearing this tie with a dark charcoal suit to an upcoming event: Should I just go with a classic white linen? Nothing at all? Help is appreciated
Just recently got a card case, but am having second thoughts. Was hoping someone with the LV pocket organizer could comment on how they like it compared to a card case. I don't carry many cards with me and wanted something smaller than a full sized wallet, but I feel that perhaps a pocket organizer may be more useful as it holds more cards if I needed it too. Do those of you who own one feel that it is still too large compared to a card case and not much smaller...
Quote: Originally Posted by pandemic check out thick as thieves Sorry but I'd rather not order a suit online. Even if it's made to measure, too many variables I wouldn't be comfortable dealing with for a first suit
Also wanted to note that this would be used for a few different uses, such as interviews for med school to possibly a wedding or two
I've been reading many of the threads here, and some other sites online. I'm 22, and looking to buy a first suit. I'm fairly tall at 6'2, but pretty skinny as well. I've tried on a few suits at different stores, and they all fit fairly different as could be expected. Off the rack, a ralph lauren black label fit me pretty well. A boss suit at nordstrom was a bit boxy on me, as were the brooks brothers suits I tried on. Many of the slimmer fitting suits from boss and...
I like the looks of the desert boots but I can't get them to fit. I tried them on in the store, but the heel was too loose and slid around quite a bit. Any recommendations for something that looks similar, is also inexpensive, but may fit better?
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