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I was about to critique this tucked in polo fit as major fail...then i realized what day it was.
yeah its definitely not "black and white" () with regards to ricks original intentions. however i think gdl was correct in stating that rick's high tops are an artistic reinterpretation (or "distortion" in his original words) of the nike trainer. he probably did it with pejorative intentions even....?
well i wasn't really talking about trademark infringement. while the swoosh bears a slight resemblance, the fake ricks are a design copy of the real ricks. the real ricks are not a design copy of any nike shoe.IANAL but I think trademark cases are generally won when one can show that the "infringer" is using it to confuse consumers, dilution and self would be hard for nike to demonstrate Rick had any of those intentions....especially considering nikes are 200...
that's like justifying that a forged picasso still looks good on the wall. its the principle. fueling the fake garment business is bad for everyone. one would think that the people here would be the first ones to standup against fake clothing rather than applaud it.i see miran is still butthurt.
24 thumbs up for a dude wearing fake ricks
CCP semi-metallic + wool sweater Julius waxed cotten denim Lanvin python
cross post. someone posted my costume pic up on reddit and it's already got over 100k views.
the pants look kind of dumpy. they are also too long for you. you need to burn those shoes and get some boots. matching handkerchief with your scarf (which is also ugg) is unnecessary. your undershirt is black which doesnt go with your brown pants or light grey cardigan. the scarf looks like a cuttlefish attacking your neck; too long, crappy fabric, bad color, tassles.... the cardigan appears to be of really crappy quality and the grey/white is pretty meh. upgrade to...
The Human Centipede is allliiiiivvee!!
how long did it take you to find that picture on i like how you blurred out the hands so we can't see the skin tone.tell me about it. worst troll can just mail them your shoes and a piece of paper saying what you want done. they will take care of them. i've used them for my Guidi's and my Augustas.
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