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if i was going to wear boat shoes...i would rock these. those look awesome....for boat shoes.
Givenchy's creative designer is Riccardo Tisci. It hasnt changed for quite a while. What do you mean by "does givenchy have the same designer?"
I think whoever who owns this should win the award.
They sell products made from watersnake leather which is legal in california.python, boa and kangaroo are the "popular" leathers that are banned here: you can't import them here for commercial purposes. technically you should be able to ship them to your house for personal purposes. you are also allowed to walk in carrying or wearing those leathers without a problem.Mountain lion seems to be one of the one's you cant be even caught wearing here.
The article you linked says:So you mean to tell me that the python gets whacked on the skull by a giant machete....then has it's head "impaled on a meat hook"....then continues to live on for 2 days? This sounds like bullshit to me.Aside from maybe chopping off its head or some sort of fancy lethal injection, I don't see how you could kill a snake in a more "humane" way.The Lanvin stores in California do not sell any Python products, sadly. Clearly the California law is...
^ if you are a 41 in MMM you can likely get away with 40 in rick.
they are black petite standards (not raw)
Lanvin Margiela APC Augusta
your fits are awesome 99% of the time but im going to go against the 29 thumbs up and say there is something off about this one.I dont think navy blue works with black (or are your pants grey?).also, the textures don't seem to work together.the bottom alone looks good and the top alone looks good but the two halves together dont, imo.
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