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This jacket is incredible. It's like 4gs though. Where would you buy it from?
London: "America's finest city" is San Diego.
1. i sent the letter to barneys2. I already know simon doonan can be contacted here: i don't think you get it.i moved to "americas finest city" a little over a year ago. I will be going to NY again in the near future though. i miss atelier, the standard, thom browne, the rick owens store, you ever come to LA?
yes, you are right. the correct course of action should be to sit back, jerk off in front of the computer and watch something I like fail instead.
Dear Barneys, I am writing you to explain why you are losing me as a customer. I used to spend a lot of money at the Barneys Flagship store on Madison Avenue in New York. I only shopped on the 3rd floor and I knew all the sales associates there. I felt a personal connection to several of them (Roberto and Anthony) and they were all very cool, edgy, they wore interesting smelling perfumes and they were knowledgeable about contemporary fashion. In short, they made me want...
i think americas finest city (san diego) has everyone beat.I would wear the whale sweater. the dinosaur looks like something a kid would wear.
were you actually planning on buying it?
dude you're like a broken record. i think something is fucked up with your eyes. still looks short man.
Lanvin Python Tee Rick Owens Naska Pod Shorts Maison Martin Margiela Painted GATs
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